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   Chapter 5 Yvonne And Aaron

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When Yvonne was taken to the suburb by Cary and saw his villa, she was shocked. It covered an area of 1500 acres and was magnificent, more magnificent than she had imagined. She thought that Cary must have suffered a lot so that he could become so successful today in such a young age, and she couldn't imagine the difficulties he had gone through. Yvonne recovered from the surprise and looked at the deep frown and his eyes. Cary looked indifferent and seemed to be able to keep other people away from him. But when she thought of how he had drugged her and forced her last night, she felt it ridiculous. How could she fall in love with such a devil-like man? They belonged to two different worlds. It was impossible for her to step into his world, neither did she want to.

Yvonne was an innocent and easy-going girl, who had a lot of pursuers from her childhood, and some of them were from rich and powerful families. However, she did not feel that they really loved her, as if she had a sense of inferiority, and felt it was impossible that she had gained the favor of these people with any particular reason, so she had never had a crush on anyone. After Yvonne went to college, she watched her friends around her started dating and prepared to get married. She was constantly getting rid of her worries, thinking that perhaps she should also pursue her love just like a normal girl. At this time, she met Aaron. He was very good to her. He took her to the amusement park to buy her favorite cake. One day it was raining heavily, Aaron appeared in the library and saved herself from being trapped there. She was easily touched, so when Aaron proposed to be her boyfriend, she agreed. She had stayed in the university for four years peacefully. She had the same feeling when she was being in love.

When Aaron offered to sleep with her for the first time, the feeling of anger and shock overwhelmed her. Panicked, she turned him down. Yvonne was conservative, and looking at her disappointing boyfriend, she wondered if she had done something wrong. But later, Aaron told her that he could understand her and would not make such a suggestion so rashly anymore. At that time, Yvonne was touched by his trust and understanding. She thought, 'I just didn't prepare well for this yet. When I get ready, I will promise him.'

But what Yvonne didn't know was that at the very beginning, Aaron had bet with his classmates and then got close to her. When the boys saw a girl with nice face and slender legs like Yvonne, they were like a hungry wolf pouncing on its prey. Of course, Aaron didn't just make a bet with her. He thought that if he could sleep with such a beautiful girl, he would be really pleased. At first, he thought that it was difficult to get such a girl like Yvonne, but unexpectedly he got her easily. Aaron thought that she was frivolous, so he quickly proposed to get a room to sleep with her, but she rejected him. Afraid that she would realize he was a bad guy, he promised her that he would not propose such a suggestion in the future. Of course, Aaron didn't want to give up so easily, so he invited Yvonne to a trip which would take two days and one night, and Yvonne agreed without hesitation.

Everything was handled by Aaron, including the travel route, the railway tickets, and the hotel where they lived at night. With the excuse that he had no money, he only booked one room. She thought his son was considerate enough not to think too much, so she followed him on the journey. When she arrived at the destination, she found that he had only booked a room.

All of a sudden, Yvonne knew what was on Aaron's mind, so the two of them quarreled violently.

"You said you wouldn't mention it again and wouldn't force me again." Yvonne looked at Aaron in disappointment.

Aaron didn't expect Yvonne would react in this way. He thought that she would accept his request no matter what. He was afraid that he wouldn't get what he wanted, so he had to coax her first.

"I really don't have enough money to book two rooms. Please believe me. I promise nothing will happen even if we sleep in the same room," Aaron said with confidence. "Oh my God, I love you, Yvonne. How can I bear to see you do something you don't like? I'm your boyfriend, not a ruffian."

Looking at the affectionate Aaron, a kind of hope secretly lurked in Yvonne's heart. She wondered whether she had thought too much and misunderstood him. However, in order not to be misunderstood by others, Yvonne insisted that they should book another room with the spare money she brought out.

"It's not that I don't trust you, Aaron. I know you love me, but I also have my own standards." As she finished speaking, Yvonne closed the door and blocked Aaron outside.

Without success, Aaron was angry and hateful. 'What the hell of love? I can't sleep with you even once!'! He clenched his fists. 'No, I must get her tonight! !

There was still a scenic spot for them to go to in the evening, and Yvonne still came as she had promised. She couldn't let a small thing destroy they dating which was well prepared by Aaron.

Knowing that Yvonne wasn't good at drinking, Aaron took her to a small restaurant near the before they went back to the hotel. He said that the atmosphere there was nice, and that they could look at the lake and enjoy the breeze, which was definitely a

perfect place. Yvonne knew that Aaron had been upset earlier. Although she didn't want to go, she agreed.

Yvonne didn't drink a bit at all in normal times, and she would get drunk for sure, so Aaron had tried to persuade her to drink with him, but she rejected. She only thought that she didn't want to bring any trouble to him. Looking at Yvonne who was unmoved, Aaron was so angry that he only wanted to slap the table, but he still had to pretend as if nothing happened.

"Do you love me, Yvonne? Can't you drink a little bit with me?" Aaron asked emotionally. "

Yvonne didn't know why Aaron behaved so strangely. Looking at the glass of wine he handed, she was about to reach out her hand to take it. At this time, it suddenly began to rain, dripping in her hand which was about to get the glass. Their seats were the open-air. Seeing that the rain was about to be heavier, Yvonne stood up and said to Aaron, "it's raining. Let's hurry back to the hotel."

Aaron forcefully held the hand that was still stretched out, squeezing out a smile on his face, and said hatefully, "okay."

He reluctantly returned to the hotel with Yvonne, but there was nothing he could do. He looked at Yvonne back to her room. When Yvonne said good night to him, he really wanted to rush into the room and enjoy the night with her between the sheets. It was so unfair for him!

When Aaron walked back to his room, opening the door, a card fell onto the ground. He picked it up and looked at the card. "Since you don't sleep with me, I have to find someone else!" He came in the room with the card. Not a long time later, a tall woman with heavy make-up appeared at the door of Aaron's room and knocked. Aaron opened the door and let her walked in.

However, at this moment, Yvonne was preparing to take a shower and go to bed, little did she know that Aaron was making out with another woman, and she was still thinking about whether she had thought too far today.

It was Aaron's first time to ask for prostitution. From then on, he had never mentioned it to Yvonne again. As long as he had sexual desire, he would adopt the means of prostitution to solve his physical desire. If Yvonne hadn't accidentally meet Aaron in the prison, she would not know anything about his issues, and he might still have the opportunity to hurt her again.

Even so, protecting herself well from the lecher like Aaron, Yvonne still had lost her virginity and fell on Cary. Of course Yvonne thought that Cary, who could have anything as long as he thought of a way, wouldn't care about her at all. He didn't care her since she was insignificant, and her cherished virginity was worthless to him!

At first, Yvonne thought they wouldn't meet each other again. But Cary just showed up in front of her and rescued her, and then she was taken to a castle-like place. Yvonne was no longer easily moved. She felt that Cary must have other intentions on her. They will deal with each other like the deal on that night, which made her feel insulted. It was not easy to untie such a knot in her heart.

Cary took Yvonne to his house, where she was surrounded by servants, drivers and so on. Neither of them dared to make trouble or say anything.

Tomson, the Butler looked at the girl that Cary brought back. She had a good-looking face, and looked around gingerly. He could tell that she was a college student who hadn't entered the society yet. And has Mr. Cary, who had never brought a woman back, changed? Would this girl be the future wife of the CEO?

"Why do you bring me here?" Finally, Yvonne asked and stared at Cary obstinately.

"Why? Don't you know what I am doing? " Cary thought this girl was very interesting. She was stubborn like a little bull that was bumping around, making people want to flirt with her.

Of course, Yvonne was thinking too much, she reckoned that what Cary said was that kind of thing. Her face turned red with anger. "You are so shameless, so shameless, rascal."

Realizing that his plan had succeeded, Cary looked at Yvonne with a smug smile and said, "I'm not a rogue? And then? What did I say? I didn't say what had happened to us! "

Looking at the handsome face that was so close to her, Yvonne's face became even redder. She bit her lip hard and looked angry and anxious, which made Cary laugh repeatedly.

"Let's go. Although it's in daytime, I can't disappoint you." Cary lifted Yvonne and walked upstairs to the bedroom.

Though she struggled, Yvonne couldn't move at all. Her fists were unable to hurt Cary's strong chest at all. His body was much stronger than he thought.

Cary dashed Yvonne on the bed, hands in pockets. He looked down and said, "This will be your room from now on. Don't live in the dorm anymore"

Sitting on the bed, Yvonne was still in a daze. 'What? He wants me to live here?' Did Cary really want her to be his mistress?

"No, I can't. My belongings are still in the school and it's not convenient for me to live here." Said Yvonne. She was trying to find an excuse to refuse him.

"Don't worry. There is everything in my house. I have prepared all your clothes in the wardrobe, all of which are my favorite types. I hope that you can have a good look when staying with me. If you are reluctant to leave your shabby clothes, I can ask Tomson to bring them back for you." Cary said to Yvonne with a smile.

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