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   Chapter 4 The Past

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Shocked by what had happened in front of her, Yvonne realized that it would be unbearable. She picked up the letter and found that someone was framing her up with this letter. The more she read, the angrier she was. It was ridiculous. How could the teacher believe such nonsense!

"Please trust me, teacher. I have never done such things. I am innocent." the teardrops were welling up in her eyes, but the teacher could not believe what she had heard.

"How can I believe you? I know your family. You're so poor. If you weren't kept as a mistress by someone, how can you get these expensive clothes? Stolen? "

"No, I didn't." helpless, Yvonne replied, "no, I didn't. Please let me explain." she got anxious and wanted to get an opportunity to explain.

"You don't have to explain. I've figured it out. I'll report it to the superior right away. I'm afraid you will not be welcomed in our school." after saying that, she picked up her mobile phone and made a phone call.

Yvonne wondered why she was about to be driven out of the school because of the rumors. What on earth had she done wrong? Her future was over.

Just when Yvonne was in despair, Cary appeared. He stood tall and straight in the black suit, as if walking towards her step by step, shining.

At that moment, Cary was very angry. Since that night, he left her his business card and was confident that she would look for him. However, after a day's waiting, she did not call him. He never expected that he would not get the call from her. From morning till night, she was the only one in his mind. He smashed his phone in a rage, but still couldn't help but want to see her, so he immediately ordered his secretary to try to find her.

It was easy to look for a common college student. When Cary knew that Yvonne was in the university, he couldn't wait to find her, but when he was told that his woman was bullied and called to the Department office, he immediately rushed over, fearing that she would be bullied.

As soon as he entered the door, he saw Yvonne's sad face, and he felt a little bit reluctant. He had never been so flustered before. Regardless of his identity, he broke in. He held her in his arms, stared at the teacher with a ferocious look, and spoke in a low and threatening tone, "I don't know what you want to deal with my girlfriend, but I promise you that if she leaves here, you will be fired earlier!"

When the teachers saw Cary broke in suddenly, she didn't expect herself would be in such a big trouble. She immediately put away her mobile phone and fawningly said to Cary, "you misunderstood me. I didn't do anything to Yvonne. How dare I were to hurt Mr. Cary's girlfriend, but..."He was the biggest investor of the school. He used to invest a lot of money in the faculty. If he was irritated, she might lose her job. But now if she just let Yvonne go easily, she didn't know how to explain it to the students who wrote the letter.

Looking at the hesitant teacher, Cary looked even colder. "It is me that bought these clothes for Yvonne. Are you doubting that I can't afford these clothes? Is there anything wrong to buy some clothes for my girlfriend? "He had already done something to help the Department Director get out of the awkward situation.

Hearing that, the teacher realized that it was quite sure for her to let Yvonne. "I'll punish those students who spread rumors. Mr. Cary, you can take Yvonne away with you. "

"You are smart!" He looked at the frightened little woman in his arms, a sense of pity slowly spilled over his eyes. He would never forgive those people who had spread rumors to frame Yvonne.

Gazing at the pair of sharp eyes beside her, Yvonne had a mixed feeling. She thought that she had left Cary after the deal with him and she couldn't see him anymore, so she didn't understand why he suddenly appeared in front of her like a savior. But it was undeniable that he saved her, no matter what the reason was, and she left here with the help of Cary.

At first, Aaron just wanted to make Yvonne sad by rumors, but he didn't expect that someone would write to frame her. When he came out of the Internet bar, he was dragged to the depths of an alley nearby and his leg was beaten, and he was unable to move.

"Yvonne, Cary, I won't let you off! ! Aaron endured the pain and shouted the words. Because of the sharp pain from his broken arm, his face was distorted. Heavy in night, he was like a ferocious devil.

Aaron didn't expect that the person who sent the letters to the school was the one who humiliated Yvonne in the daytime. Because he had been beaten up at that time, he was so angry that he decided to write to slander her. Right now, he also paid for what he had done!

Cary would never let his woman suffer any grievance. Anyway, he had to let those people pay back for what they had done! !

Cary was still mad at Yvonne for not

having contact with him. Regardless of the eyes of the people around them, he picked her up from the school and Yvonne cried out. Noticing that Cary was holding her coldly in his arms, she knew she had caused him trouble, but she didn't expect that he would come back to look for her. Didn't he leave after giving her money? Didn't he leave her alone? While she looked at him, the more she thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt. In addition, he was still holding her as if there was no one else at the school, she thought negative impacts would definitely be brought to her later.

They kept silent all the way, throwing Yvonne into the car, and he also got on the car, he told the driver to go home. Although Cary looked indifferent, he was still worried about her. He would never let this woman live in the dormitory anymore. No matter how reluctant she was to live with him, he would not allow her to be bullied by others. He had to protect her.

A man hiding in a corner of the school peeped at Cary, and found he was holding a woman in his arms, and Yvonne was the one he was investigating. After they got on a car and drove away, he walked out of the corner and took out his mobile phone to make a call, "boss, Cary is indeed pestering a college student who seems to be his girlfriend. I've already managed to find out that girl's information." After saying these words, he paused for a moment, as if waiting for the order from the other end of the phone, "okay, I'll take it back to you right away." After that, he put away his phone and walked towards the school gate.

The woman on the other end of the phone was still smoking. She snuffed out the cigarette in the ashtray and hung up the phone. She went to the window and her figure was perfect and her eyes were beautiful. She was exactly the graceful woman in the western restaurant that day.

She raised her head haughtily, showing a confident expression. "Wait, Cary. I will make you fall in love with me again. You are just flirting with the innocent college student." At this moment, Rae didn't take the little girl seriously at all, and she never thought that all men could escape from her.

When she was a little girl, she had been together with Cary, who had nothing at all, but Cary was always taking good care of her. When they were in college, Rae could still have fun in school. Once entered the society, she should take the reality into account. How could the noble princess live a hard life with a poor boy? Her parents didn't allow her to live with poor Cary. They arranged blind dates for her constantly so that she could cut off her connection with Cary. However, Cary refused her several times when she proposed to break up with him. She seemed to be besieged by poverty, so she had to try all means to make Cary give up on her. She knew clearly that she couldn't bear hardships, so, in order to get rid of her painful life, in a night with heavy rain, she took the dating man arranged by her parents to the rental house of her and Cary. As a young man who had just started his own business, Cary was under heavy pressure. When Rae wanted to break up with him, he thought she was encouraging him to advance. For the future of them, he had to work even harder. But in the night of a heavy storm, he was told by Rae that she got a fever on the phone, he put down all the work in his hands and rushed back, only to see that Rae was enjoying under the body of another man.

Leaving the man and woman in the rental house, Cary dashed into the rain in despair. Since then, he had sworn to make himself stronger and stop falling in love with any woman easily. In the end, Rae, who had just finished performing and saw that Cary had run away, she pushed the man on top of her away. The man had not get himself satisfied on Rae's body yet. He was kissing her on the shoulder in a pitiful manner. He was eager for her coming back to do what they hadn't done. Looking at the man who had been teased by her, finally she handed herself over to the man. All men liked her.

Early the next morning, Rae moved all her things out of the room. Then she ruthlessly abandoned Cary, who had been in love with her for four years. From beginning to end, what Rae wanted was just to live a life of luxury. When Cary failed to give her all these things, she kicked him away. But now, things had changed. Cary made it. Now, he became the business legend. Since Rae thought it was her who had made him successful, she believed he would come back to her and he would fall in love with her again.

With his eyes fixed on Yvonne, Cary realized that she had filled up his heart unconsciously. Over the years, he had never loved anyone sincerely. But the woman in front of him enabled him to make a decision to have a try again and give himself a chance to love.

There was a long way ahead of him. Cary had bet his all in this gambling.

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