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   Chapter 3 Rumors

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Yvonne slowly got out of bed, her legs trembling from the events that had unfolded the night before. When she saw her torn clothes on the bed, a desperate look marred her face. Her virginity was already ruined and the bastard ripped up her clothes! She leaned back on the bed to see a bank card and a business card from Cary. She gritted her teeth as the tears streamed down her face.

"Does he think of me as a prostitute?" she snarled out as she ripped the business card into pieces. Holding her phone tightly in her hands, Yvonne wanted to call the police, but she knew that it'd only be fruitless. Given that everything was under Cary's hold, it'd be easy to wipe this off his record.

Yvonne glanced around desperately, smiling mockingly when she saw a dress lying on her bedside. "Is this also his way of compensating?" she mocked. "Or is it a deal?" She wore the dress and stared at herself in the mirror, frowning. The dress was absolutely beautiful, and from the fabric itself, it looked extremely expensive.

"There's no reason to be so noble," she told herself. Besides, she was as insignificant as an ant compared to a man like Cary.

Taking the bank card, Yvonne fled the hotel as quickly as she could. It was already noon, but she didn't want to go back school right now. Staring at the bank card in her hand, she decided to spend all the money. Given that she had nowhere else to vent her anger, this seemed to be her only choice.

Yvonne took a taxi to one of the best shopping malls in the city. She licked her lips, craving for one of the most expensive lunch she could ever dreamed of. Her stomach growled in response. After her meal, Yvonne handed the credit card to the attendant. Although she wasn't using her own money, she couldn't help but lament over the prices of the dishes that she had ordered. The elegant woman beside her had called her servant to pay for the bill.

She couldn't help but look at how graceful the woman was right beside her. Was it always this way for people in the upper class? Yvonne turned away, settling the bill as soon as possible. The attendant who was given the card thought that Yvonne didn't have any money to eat such luxurious dishes from a western restaurant. However, after being handed over the card, it seemed he couldn't look down on her anymore.

He handed her the bill, which she signed with Cary's name. It was his card, wasn't it? When he saw the name on the bill, the waiter paused. Wasn't Cary one of the youngest and most promising legends in the city? There couldn't be any other, especially in such a high-end restaurant. He stared at her. What was her relationship with Cary?

The attendant carefully handed the bill back to the woman again. "Miss, it will be better if the bill's signed under your name. What's the relationship between you and Mr. Cary?"

The waiter was fond of gossiping. As frustrated as Yvonne was, she didn't know whether she should let him know or not. She quickly wrote her own name instead of his. "It's my fault."

Once the woman next to her heard Cary's name, she gave Yvonne an once-over. "Does Cary like these types of women now?" she murmured softly to herself.

Having already eaten, Yvonne was less angry as she skipped across the shopping mall. There were millions of fabrics just waiting for her to explore, and a part of her was already screaming to buy them all. At this point, she'd be giving a taste of Cary's own medicine.

Yvonne asked the shop assistants to wrap up lots of clothes for her after she entered a shop. She didn't leave the shopping mall till sunset. After returning to school, Yvonne went back to her dormitory.

Ellie was the only one in the dorm when she arrived. Yvonne threw her large bags on the ground when she saw her. "I'm exhausted, Ellie. Could you massage me please?" she cried out.

Ellie couldn't help but furrow her eyebrows. "You haven't come back the whole night. What happened?" She eyed the luxurious clothes Yvonne had brought with her. At the moment, Yvonne almost forgot about the events that had unfolded the night before. A part of her didn't know what to say. Would she tell her that Cary had taken her virginity? No... She shook the though

t away. Yvonne didn't want her friend to worry about her.

"I went to see Cary last night. He treated me to a meal and said that he wouldn't cause any trouble to you," she said. "I was too drunk last night so I begged him to take me home and he agreed. All the clothes were sent back by him."

Ellie furrowed her eyebrows in disbelief. She couldn't believe that the man who'd been a villain the other day was a hero today. "I don't know where Aaron get the news that you haven't come back for the whole night. Everyone at school's talking about you, you know?"

"Aaron? What did he say about me?" Yvonne snapped.

"He said that you were a mistress of someone else. He broke up with you because you didn't take him seriously," Ellie said.

"I broke up with him! Didn't he understand what happened that night?" Yvonne's hands clenched into fists. She didn't expect that her ex would be this heartless and shameless.

However, she was so exhausted from shopping the entire afternoon, that she had no strength to argue with him. "I'll get even tomorrow," she murmured. After chatting with Ellie, she was already drained from all the energy.

The next day, Yvonne finally recovered. She wore the new clothes she bought yesterday and went to class with Ellie. On the way to the classroom, everyone's eyes were on her as gossip filled the hallways. However, she didn't mind them.

As soon as she entered the classroom, Yvonne's clothes attracted the attention of her classmates. Dressed in such expensive clothes, her tall and slim figure was further emphasized. Her milky skin was more pronounced. She looked like a goddess, but now with Aaron's gossip running about, all she was known for was for being a slut.

Several men whistled once she sat down. Some even bluffed, "Isn't this our social butterfly? She's so hot. No wonder, she gets a rich man as her victim. From the looks of it, she's planning on dropping out of school to be a full time mistress." The entire classroom laughed, acting as a knife that pierced through her heart.

She scowled. "I didn't do anything wrong," she snapped, glaring at the arrogant man in front of her. Yet, he didn't back down. "Is this what your man got you?" He sneered. "Can I have a night then? Don't worry. I can afford it." He looked at her complacently, encouraged by the jeers of his classmates.

Yvonne's eyes turned red as she scoffed. "You can't afford it. In fact, you're just a shrewd man who's beneath me. Forget it! You can't even afford to touch my fingers." Her eyes glinted with hatred.

The man shut his mouth, knowing that he was already utterly humiliated. He walked away resentfully.

Hoping that everything would return back to normal, Yvonne tried her best to calm herself. These were just rumors. She had done absolutely nothing wrong, so she'd just ignore them. They wouldn't knock her down that easily. However, as she gazed at her classmates, and even including Ellie, she knew that they didn't believe her.

Life was always unexpected. There would always be people trying to pull you down. Life was a race, and everybody wanted to win the first place, even if it meant dragging people under the bus.

As Yvonne was preparing for gym class, she received a notice asking her to go to the Department Office.

At first, Yvonne thought that the teacher wanted to discuss with her about the grants. However, the furious look on her teacher's face told her otherwise. On her desk was an envelope and an open letter.

The teacher knew about Yvonne's family situation. For several years, the student had been dependent on the school's grants and scholarships, so when she received the letter of accusation of Yvonne selling her body for money, she thought it was just a cruel joke. Until she saw Yvonne walk into the office. Usually, Yvonne would be wearing plain clothes, and now, she was decked with expensive fabrics. All the speculations seemed to point to that the accusation was a very fact. In a fit of anger, the teacher threw the letter. "Shame on you, child! Why is there a student such as you in our school? Look at the letter!" she shouted, pointing at the form. "You're so young yet you've done something so shameless!"

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