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   Chapter 1 You Bitch

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The dim light in the bar emphasized the anxiety in Yvonne's eyes. She continually glanced at her phone, to see if her twenty messages had gotten through the line, only to see that her boyfriend still didn't reply.

"You alone, miss?" Lured by her beauty, a man offered to have a drink with her, but she politely declined.

He sighed heavily and walked away. She furrowed her eyebrows as she stared at the empty seat in front of her. Ellie Su, her friend, had been in the comfort room for more than ten minutes.

Just as she stood up to find her friend, a scream echoed from the restroom.

Her eyes widened at the familiarity of the sound as she raced towards the restroom. She clutched her chest at the terrible scene.

Ellie Su's skirt was lifted up and her delicate makeup was smeared all over. A man was lying on her, trying to assist her up.

"Stop!" Yvonne didn't waste any time as she stomped over towards them, pushing the man off her best friend.

The man stumbled backwards, flushed with anger.

Ellie Su threw herself to Yvonne's arms and sobbed quietly. Just by glancing at her appearance, a surge of anger raced through Yvonne's veins as she slapped the man right on the face.

His eyes widened. No one had ever tried to hit him ever since he was a child. For a moment, he froze.

"How dare you?" he yelled.

"You son of a bitch! I'll call the police." Yvonne took her phone out and dialed the police's number.

The man knew that he was in the wrong, so he tried to swipe the phone away from her. However, she quickly dodged.

"We're in the Shark Bar. A man molested my friend. Please come over," she said bluntly, hanging up the phone.

It didn't take long for the police to arrive. After being briefed of the incident, they took all three of them to the police station for the detailing.

The man's eyes were as cold as the Atlantic Ocean. There was just something about his gaze that screamed superiority and authority to anyone he'd just met. He took out his phone and tapped on one of his contacts.

"Mr. Tian, head over to the police station now. You got five minutes," he stated. "If you can't get here in time, you're fired."

In the police station, Mr. Tian, the man's lawyer, did all the talking as he negotiated with the police.

However, Yvonne couldn't care less of what they were talking about. Instead, she continued to glance at her phone. She already alerted her boyfriend of her whereabouts, but he still didn't reply.

The man closed his eyes as his lawyer did the talking, as if he couldn't be bothered with what he was saying.

Yvonne felt her stomach lurch. "Um," she started. "May I please go to the restroom?"

The lawyer was taken by surprise and said nothing, hesitating.

The man then opened his eyes. "Go ahead."

She didn't wait any further as she rushed to the other side of the station. It was almost her period, so her stomach had been cramping like crazy these past few days. However, she had forgotten to ask the directions that she stumbled into a detention room by accident.

"Sorry, I–" Her words died at the back of her throat when she saw who was sitting in front of the officer – her boyfriend, Aaron Cui. "Miss?"

She gaped as she stepped forward to get a better look, only to be blocked by a policeman.

Aaron Cui finally looked up to see what the fuss was about. When he spotted Yvonne, he quickly buried his face into hands.

"What did he do?" she demanded. Her hands were already trembling.

"Prostitution!" The policeman glared at her. "Miss, you can't come here without the permission. Please leave."

Prostitution? It was as if lightning had electrocuted her from the sky. Her boyfriend, her fiance, was brought to the police station due to prostitution?

"I'm his girlfriend. Why didn't I get the notice?" She crossed her arms.

"I don't know." The officer rubbed the back of his neck. "Miss, please leave for a bit. You can visit him once we're done."

"Aaron Tell me! What the hell is going on?" Yvonne didn't bother to listen to the man's words as she stared at Aaron's hiding face, wanting to hear his side from all of this.

However, he continued to i

gnore her.

"Bastard! Say something," she snarled. "Can't you even look at me?"

"Miss, get out!" The man motioned to the door, but still, Yvonne wouldn't budge.

Tears rushed down her cheeks as she wanted to step forward. However, the police officer continued to block her off. It was a complete mess. The scene attracted more and more onlookers, even the man with his lawyer. The man frowned, glancing at his lawyer. "See what's going on," he ordered.

With the police stopping Yvonne, she failed to see Aaron.

She glanced at her ring mournfully. How the hell did all of this happen on her engagement?

She curled her hands into fists, trudging over to the seat. Now, all Yvonne wanted was for this to be done and over with.

"Do you want to see your boyfriend?" the man suddenly spoke.

Yvonne nodded.

"Let her see her boyfriend."

"Sir, it's against the rules." The officer shook his head. Did this man take this place for a hotel? 'Does he think he could do whatever he wants here? Ridiculous!'

The man raised his eyebrows in response. Soon enough, the lawyer stepped forward and exchanged a few words with the policeman. The officer turned pale in an instant as he stared helplessly at Yvonne. "You have twenty minutes."

"Okay, thank you." Yvonne turned to the detention room. Her head was held up high and her heart was beating in her chest. She knew what she had to do, but the moment she stepped into the room, it felt as if her heart was being mashed into millions of pieces.

"Let's break up," she murmured, avoiding his gaze.

Aaron grabbed her wrists, forcing her to look at him in the eye. "Let me explain."

"You don't have to!" Her tears fell down again as she glared at him. "Why did you do that to me?"

"It was all your fault!"

"What?" She gasped at the resentment that filled his gaze.

"If you'd just allowed me to fuck you, I wouldn't have looked for any other woman," he snapped. "I'm a man too, you know!"

Seeing the blankness in Yvonne's eyes, he got even more annoyed as he shot her question after question, "What? Am I wrong? What's wrong with having sex? Have I not been good to you? The money I've spent on you could've been used to build a business? Isn't that worth something?"

She wanted to say something – anything – to stop his rambling, but it seemed as if the words were stuck in her throat.

"Are you breaking up with me? Are you? I didn't even cheat on you! Isn't it normal to satisfy our needs? It's not as if everyone's like you, you frigid bitch!" He sneered. "Do you really hate men that much? Or do you like women?"

At the accusation, Yvonne immediately slapped him. His eyes widened. "You bitch! You dare to hit me? Fine! If you want to break up, then fuck me first."

She scoffed, wiping away her tears. It felt as if this meeting had only smashed her heart even further. "Don't worry about the money," she spat. "I'll pay it all back. We're over."

Yvonne took off the engagement ring and flicked it towards him.

"Do you think I will let you go like this?" Aaron yelled. "This isn't over!"

She left without turning back.

"Yvonne, please eat." Her friend glanced at her worriedly. Ever since Yvonne came back from the police station, it had been ten hours but she hadn't ate or even slept.

Dark circles had shown under her eyes as Yvonne glanced up at Ellie. "What happened to the man?" she asked. "Did he get caught?"

Ellie sighed. "The guy's Cary Su. Being 28, he set up a business empire that involved plenty of sectors, like finance, electronics, and even the film industry. Now he's worth a hundred million!"

Before she could go any further, Yvonne's phone rang. She picked it up. "Hello, Miss Yvonne, I'm Mr. Cary's lawyer. I'm here to discuss the matter from last night."

"There's no need. I don't care how rich he is. He's still an ass," she snapped.

"Your friend also drank too much yesterday. They ran into each other in the bathroom. Just as he was about to get up, you've misunderstood the scenario that he wanted to lift your friend's skirt. Even if you'll take it to the court, your chances of winning are very low. Why don't we deal with this privately?"

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