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   Chapter 462 A Headless Portrait

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Hearing this, Bain wore a smile at the corners of his mouth. Such an answer was simply stupid.

"Okay, you can sit here if you like. But don't smoke anymore." After finishing his words, Bain turned around and took a step forward. Then he turned back and asked, "Did you see Shan on the top? "

"No. can she come? " Kerr blurted out without hesitation, his eyes as calm as before.

Bain seemed to be a little suspicious, but after looking at Kerr's face and eyes, he nodded and left.

"Spy." A beautiful smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. He was in a good mood.

If it weren't for Bain, how could he know that the CEO was having a banquet with his wife on the third floor?

Now that he had lied to Bain, it meant that he had lied to Jasper, so he was in a good mood.

But a few minutes later, Belinda went downstairs naturally.

"Kerr?" Obviously, she was surprised to see him here.

"I... I'll sit here for a while. No one will see me slacking off here." Kerr stood up with a smart smile.

"I see. Sit down and have a rest." Belinda felt sorry for disturbing Kerr.

"Actually, you can do whatever you want. Don't rush to finish your work. Just rest if you are tired. No one here will care about this. " It took Belinda a lot of effort to persuade him not to be too tired.

"Thank you. I want to show my sincerity, so I work hard." Kerr followed her downstairs.

"Well, you can do whatever you want. Control the measurement and don't make yourself too tired. She exhorted, looking like a big sister next door.

For a moment, Kerr felt that she was the original lady and wanted to talk with her a little more, but he didn't care at the thought of being arrogant.

Belinda went downstairs to the second floor and went back to her bedroom. It had been a long noon and she did feel a little tired.

"I'm going back. Let's have a talk when we have time." She shook her hand at Kerr and came to her room door.

"Take a nap and walk around." Jasper poked his head out of his room and happened to see her.

Hearing this, Belinda tur

. You have been my friend for many years. Thank you for your concern." Jasper said in a low voice.

"Now you admit that I'm your friend. You've been bullying me since I was a child." Seeing the painting, Bain felt more emotional.

"Even if you can beat me, you can only lose to me. You have a soft temper." This time, Jasper turned around and looked at Bain.

Hearing that, Bain curled his lips and glared at him fiercely. "Don't be garrulous."

"Don't talk nonsense. I'll send Shan's design to take part in this competition. " Excitement flashed across Jasper's face.

"Her picture is indeed eye-catching." Squinting his eyes, Bain recalled Belinda's painting style and said, "Her style is similar to..."

"What are you thinking about? She's my disciple, so you want to tease me? " His voice was cold and deep.

Bain smiled happily, "You have a clear estimation of yourself. "

"Time is almost up. Hurry up. Don't let your disciple wait for you. You will be humiliated. " Bain always went straight to the point when he talked to him.

"Don't talk too much. Do you think it's a good ending to bark in my ears like a fly?" Said Jasper coldly.

Bain glared at him and ignored him. Then he left to do his own business.

"You have such a bad temper. You can't just leave like that. Are you a little spineless?" There was a complacent smile on Jasper's face.

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