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   Chapter 459 A War Was About To Break Out

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Looking at her cute and delicate face, Arvin wanted to say something to persuade her to leave. But after thinking for a while, seeing that Jasper would persuade her, Arvin just opened his mouth and did not make any sound.

Sure enough, the next second, Jasper began to persuade her. "Shan, what we said is indeed not suitable for you to listen to. Well, Bain has something to talk to you. You go downstairs first. "

"But there is a quarrel between you two. Especially when you are unhappy, you fight together, which will hurt the harmony. " Belinda didn't want to leave even if she heard what her master said.

He frowned slightly and looked at Arvin, who was standing by the table.

His eyes were not friendly, but cold, as if they could freeze people.

Arvin knew why he looked at him fiercely. Jasper was blaming him for meddling with Belinda and causing him trouble.

However, the other two people in this room, who could know his difficulties?

Belinda was his wife, but she didn't recognize him. The slightest intimacy between them would be regarded as indecent, which made him smile bitterly.

Besides, it was true that Jasper was a man of integrity, but unfortunately, he knew the details and always felt that he was lying to Belinda.

At the moment, Arvin wanted to show them the marriage certificate, but he couldn't. The marriage certificate was locked in the company's safe and no one could take it out unless he went back.

It would be impossible to convince them no matter what he said.

What's more, his image had been deeply rooted in Jasper's heart.

"No, I have to see you two get along well with each other with my own eyes." Belinda shook her head with suspicion in her eyes.

Feeling helpless, Jasper grabbed her arms and looked at her. "Shan, trust me. I can solve the problem perfectly."

"I will believe what you said, but I don't want you to argue about it anymore." This was already the pain point of Belinda.

Her eyes were full of deep pain

r eyes were full of tears as she was struggling to go or stay.

"Okay, I promise you that I won't talk to him with force anymore. You can leave for a while, Shan." Hearing what Arvin said, he also showed his attitude.

Belinda hesitated and nodded, "Okay, I'll give you ten minutes. As soon as the time is over, I'll come to you."

She was really afraid that they would fight again. Now the two of them had already suffered from a bleeding incident. It might take a while for them to fight again if the two of them didn't talk well with each other.

"It's a deal." Belinda's voice was sincere, but she didn't take a step forward.

Arvin had been moved by her action just now. As soon as he heard her words, he immediately replied, "Don't worry. "

"Okay, I believe you."

Belinda turned to look at him and said, "Master, don't do it again as you said. "

"Shan, since when did your master break his promise? I won't do anything that makes mistakes." Replied Jasper, glancing at Arvin.

Hearing what the two of them said, Belinda felt a little relieved. "I'm leaving." She turned around and left hesitantly.

In fact, she didn't trust them from the bottom of her heart, the man's explosive power could be seen at any time.

At this moment, there were only two men left in the room, but neither of them spoke.

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