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   Chapter 455 Cooking For Her

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Looking at his tall back, Belinda frowned slightly. She was unwilling, but she had to consider the overall situation. She spread her eyebrows and said, "In that case, I have to go. "

She looked at Arvin, smiled apologetically, turned around and followed Jasper.

Before Arvin nodded, she left quickly.

A sense of loss troubled him. At that moment, he thought he could leave the island with Belinda. He didn't expect that she would take the design as the most important thing now.

Maybe she just said it verbally and hadn't really made up her mind to leave the island.

In the early stage of their marriage, Belinda often went out to look for a job. At that time, she always

ssed by and smelt the kitchen fragrance, so I came over."

Hearing this, Arvin raised his eyebrows and smiled, "I admire your imaginative nose. "

His words made Bain blush to the back of his ears. He glanced at the stove, thinking that there was no sign of cooking before the fire was turned on.

"I'm just hungry. I want to see when the dinner will begin." Glancing at the dishes on the chopping board, Bain showed a pleasant smile on his face. "It seems that the dinner will be ready in a while. I'll find something to make dessert before dinner."

Before he finished his words, Bain turned around and left.

Kerr felt something was wrong and wanted to go out with Bain.

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