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   Chapter 426 Being Childish

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Seeing the waves splashing on the sea, Belinda cheered.

"Shan, you've changed. You're happy now. Sometimes it's better without the past. A good life can be opened at any time, right?"

He stared at her with his deep and strange eyes.

The sea breeze blew her hair up and over her face to cover her eyes.

"Maybe, I just let go of the burden in my heart. I hope that the person who knows my past won't disturb me and let me live such a peaceful and happy life."

Belinda said happily, "Thank you and Bain."

"You don't want to eat?" Bain stared at her for a long time and couldn't help saying after hearing her words.

"Why do you always appear and disappear suddenly? Even if I'm not sick, you will scare me to be ill." Jasper stopped talking and looked at Bain with a cold face.

Bain also looked at him and asked, "What's wrong with me coming to you for breakfast? Sentimental! "

"Shan, let's go to have dinner. Just ignore him and ask your master to have the sea breeze as breakfast. " Bain said and held her hand.


He raised his hand and knocked down Bain's hand. Standing between them, the light in his eyes became unnatural.

"Stop arguing. There are only three of us on the island. Do you think it's interesting?" Belinda just couldn't figure it out. How could two quarreling people be friends?

"Slow down, master. I can't keep up with you." Belinda shouted at Jasper who was dragging her quickly forward.

"Do you think you are going home to grab food?" Bain murmured and followed them.

As the sea breeze blew from behind, Belinda's hair was disheveled and her eyebrows and eyes were covered. She could only use Jasper as her eyes.

Instead of slowing down because of her words, she felt that he quickened his pace.

On the way to the villa, she stumbled along with him. Before she reached the villa, she shook off his hand and said, "Master, I can't stand it. If I keep walking like this, I don't need to have breakfast. I'm so tired that I'll vomit blood."

Belinda found a stone and sat down, leaning against the tree trunk and looking at the villa more than ten meters away.

The villa was loc

sper retorted with a cold face.

"Well, I like it. If anyone of you doesn't want to eat it, give me the share." Belinda was speechless when she saw them arguing like this every day.

Taking a look at Bain, the two of them didn't say anything and just ate breakfast.

"I saw it first." Jasper pressed a piece of seafood with a fork and stared at Bain's spoon with a slight frown.

Bain was looking at the European style dishes with a spoon in his hand. When he was about to take the seafood that was chosen by Jasper, he heard Jasper growl.

"You two, stop arguing. That's my dish."

Before Belinda finished her words, the two of them withdrew their tableware as soon as possible.

"I'm the head of the dining table. Can I share the food for you? "

She looked back and forth between the two people. She wanted to laugh, but she couldn't. After all, the two of them were both powerful figures.

The atmosphere at the table suddenly became subtle. Bain and Jasper looked at each other and nodded at the same time.

Belinda rudely reached out her fair hand, picked up the European dishes, glanced at their own plates, and said, "Come on, you can all have one share of this. Don't think I'm partial."

Her voice sound and speed were different from before. It was like she was talking to the children in the kindergarten.

Bain couldn't help laughing when he heard her voice. "Shan, don't treat us like children. "

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