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   Chapter 425 Amnesia Was A Good Thing

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Hearing this, Wendy looked indifferent. She raised her hand and took out a document. After signing her name, she handed it to her assistant.

"Sometimes it's difficult to understand people's mind. When you give up, he might want to seize you. So you should keep a distance from Josh. "

Wendy's words were much calmer and less ambitious as before. "As for the traffic accident, I didn't ask too much. It's just an ordinary case. It seems that it has been handled. I don't know the result."

She signed the documents on the table one by one and talked with her assistant from time to time. Nancy was not interested or listening carefully. She just heard that the case had been handled, so she did not ask about it.

"Okay, I'll come back another day. You're too busy." Nancy stood up and walked out.

"I won't work tomorrow. I'll pick you up." Wendy stared at her receding figure and shouted.

"Okay, it's my treat. Don't forget to call Josh." Nancy had made up her mind, she would do as Wendy suggested. She would neither be cold to Josh nor let him go.

She even let Wendy invite Josh to dinner. Sitting in her car, Nancy smiled at the rearview mirror and said, "it's okay. Don't worry. Just do it."

Then she drove away.

Belinda, dressed neatly, stretched out her arms and walked towards the beach.

She took a deep breath and felt that the morning on the island was still warm with the wind. She looked at the sea as calm as a mirror.

"Am I Shan or Belinda?" She stood on the beach and shouted at the sea.

Only the sea wind responded to her, with a salty taste. She walked barefoot on the beach and picked up some shells when she saw them.

She wouldn't miss a sea fishes on the beach. It would be a delicious breakfast if she took it back.

"Good morning, Shan."

Bain looked at her with deep eyes and greeted her gently behind her.

"You are up too. If I can't fall asleep, I'll get up and pick up the sea fishes. Look at the basket, it's eno

nd thrown far away from the shell.

Belinda, still in a state of shock, widened her eyes and stared at him.

He was beating something with a half stick in his hand. It took him a long time to come over.

"What is it?" Belinda asked cautiously, still having a lingering fear.

"Shells with bright appearances are fatal." He glanced at her and asked, "Did you get bitten by it?"

He bent down to check Belinda's feet and shins. "Fortunately, there is no danger. You are not allowed to go out to pick up the sea fishes alone tomorrow."

Her words were full of concern and worry. She felt as if she were a child who could do nothing and was not allowed to do anything.

"I'll be careful. If I am not allowed to have fun, I will lose inspiration." In order to take a walk around, Belinda used her work as an excuse.

Hearing this, he frowned and said with a smile, "Even if your theory is true, it won't work. You are always in trouble. I'm afraid of you. "

The sea breeze blew gently, and her hair floated. Seeing this, he forgot to drop the stick in his hand.

"Master, do you know how interesting it is for you to hold it?" Belinda teased as she noticed something was wrong with him.

Jasper's face turned red slightly. In order to cover his gaffe, he raised his hand and threw the stick far away.

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