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   Chapter 330 You Know Everything. Why Do You Still Ask

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Belinda sat down and glanced at Jasper and Nancy.

"Shan, how do you feel?" Jasper asked with concern.

Belinda glanced at Nancy sitting in front of her and said, "Master, I'm fine. You can leave now."

Belinda said in a low voice. She didn't want to get her master involved in this matter. After all, it had nothing to do with him.

"What nonsense are you talking about?"

With a touch of blame in his tone, Jasper held Belinda's hands tightly.

"I'm your master. I'll be your master for the rest of my life. How can I leave you behind? "

Said Jasper in a firm tone. He looked at Belinda gently. She was in a bad condition. Looking at her pale face, he could not help but feel a little nervous.

Behind them, looking at the two people, who were talking endlessly, Nancy snorted, "Manager, since the auction is over, the auction can be closed now! Get rid of all the unimportant people. "

Nancy said. She didn't need to care about irrelevant people at all. What she wanted was an explanation from Belinda, about Josh.

"Yes, my lady." The manager nodded and turned around to clear the room. There were only three people sitting quietly in the hall, Belinda, Jasper and Nancy. Time seemed to have stopped.

With a cold look on her face, Nancy looked at the arrogant man. This man was so stubborn. He would rather waste his time here than leave Belinda alone, which made her look at him with new eyes.


When they were arguing, an angry male voice came.

When she saw Josh, her face suddenly changed. "Josh, why... Why are you here?"

Josh's sudden appearance surprised her. She stammered nervously.

"What are you doing?"

Looking at the weak Belinda, Josh frowned and angrily questioned Nancy.

"I... I didn't do anything. I just want her to give me an explanation."

Nancy said and thought then, 'This is my godfather's place. Why did

e clenched her fists.

Behind her, Jasper and Bain quietly watched everything. Without saying anything, they slowly walked out of the hall.

"Why not catching up with her?" Looking at the luxurious building, Bain looked out indifferently. At the moment, it was so quiet here that even the sound of a needle dropping on the ground could be heard.

"No." There was a touch of unspeakable disappointment in Jasper's eyes, but he carefully hid it.

"Are you going to lie to me? I can see that you care about Shan very much. When Josh left with her just now, you wanted to go with her. "

Bain said in a leisurely tone, as if he knew what was on Jasper's mind.

"You know everything. Why do you still ask me?"

Jasper took a deep breath. The winter in London was a little cold, and his words were full of tears.

"I know everything, so I don't understand you. You don't have the heart to see her fall on the street alone, so you take her home. You can forgive her for ruining your design draft, and you can even forgive her for her mistakes. You can take her as your apprentice, put on the evening dress you designed for your beloved woman, and you are even willing to spend sixty million dollars just because she likes the auction item... "

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