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   Chapter 326 the Last Auction Item

The Closer, The Better By Dong Lier Characters: 6221

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Belinda asked suspiciously, but looking at the crowd who were whispering, she felt helpless. Why didn't anyone come to such a party know about the history of China?

"It's just a bracelet. The people here seem to be very interested in it. It's simply unbelievable." Belinda asked in confusion. Was it true that all the British liked these things so much?

"Master, do you think the thing on the stage is fake?"

Belinda muttered in a low voice. Seeing that Jasper didn't say anything, she couldn't help but touch him with her arm.

He fixed his eyes on the crystal clear white jade bracelet on the stage. From his point of view, it was a treasure.

"The host is not lying. It's impossible for such a party to deceive everyone with something not worthy of the name. I think this bracelet is good in color. It's indeed a good bracelet, and there should be no objection to the historical source."

Jasper said to Belinda without looking back, fixing his eyes on the stage.

"Does the emperor know nothing about what a woman he likes? I don't think it makes sense. "

Belinda was surprised when she heard that Jasper was sure that the bracelet was authentic?

"How could the emperor know so much about every woman's preferences? When Empress Dowager had just entered the palace, they didn't know each other well. It's up to the emperor to decide what reward he will give to her."

As Jasper spoke, his eyes left the stage and stared at Belinda.

"Well, even if you are right." Belinda answered. At this moment, under the introduction of the host, the auction began. The price became higher and higher.

Jasper and Belinda just sat there quietly and watched what was going on.

The wine appraisal party started a good show with an antique white jade, and then some rare treasures were displayed one after another. However, in Belinda's opinion,

He turned around and smiled at Belinda. "I think it's worth it!"

There was a trace of unquestionable certainty in his voice. "As long as it is liked, it is priceless."

Belinda didn't know what to say. All the people present fixed their eyes on them, which made her feel that they were the focus of attention. She moved her mouth.

"In fact, this design is not as good as I said. If I go back and study it carefully, maybe I can design it. And you, you can design it yourself!"

Belinda said helplessly, trying to persuade him to give up the bidding. After all, sixty million was not a small amount, and there was no need to spend such an innocent money.

"If you designed it yourself, you don't need to spend so much money..."

Belinda tried her best to persuade him, but the board held by him didn't shake at all, showing no intention of dropping.

"Well, now Mr. Jasper bid sixty million. Is there anyone else? Sixty million and one time, sixty million and two times, sixty million and three times! "

The host said slowly, and then slammed the hammer in his hand. "Deal. Congratulations, Mr. Jasper has successfully bid for the last work today. Now let's welcome Mr. Jasper to the stage and say something to everyone. "

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