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   Chapter 316 Gave Others A Chance

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Arvin slowly took off his sunglasses. Sophie had already opened the door. He walked in slowly and said, "Mom, I'm here to visit you."

Arvin said indifferently. Looking at Amanda's excited and guilty look, he was a little moved.

Blood was thicker than water. Although his mother had done a lot of wrong things, he could not help but feel a little regretful when he saw his mother who was a little excited at the moment.

"I know you still love me. Is there anything wrong in the company? "

Amanda comforted herself, and then asked Arvin cautiously. Although she didn't deliberately inquire about the company recently, she could still extract some information from the media.

"No, everything is fine in the company." Arvin replied lightly and then took Amanda into the room.

"I'm coming from the United States. There is an international forum there. I'm here to see you. And there are also some other things."

Arvin said indifferently, without any expression on his face. Although he thought that the suspicious woman would be Belinda, he didn't have any evidence, let alone seeing her face. He didn't even know where she was.

"What's the matter?" Amanda looked at him suspiciously.

"Look for someone." Arvin looked at his mother with his deep eyes and said softly.

"Who are you looking for? An acquaintance? " Amanda asked suspiciously, but she had an idea in her mind that the person who could make her son abandon the international meeting must be very important.

Her face softened. "Do I know this person? Maybe I can help you. After all, she has lived in England for so many years and knows a lot of people. "

Amanda said kindly. She was happy to help with her son's problem, which could just close the distance between the two.

"She Yes! "

Arvin thought for a while and said to Amanda seriously. His goal this time was to take Be

y anything more.

"Arvin, I have something to tell you. You should be prepared for the assumption that she might have no feelings for you now, even though you still miss her. "

Amanda said with concern. She didn't want her son to be hurt, but she could do nothing about it.

"I know." Arvin replied indifferently.

"Recently, I have thought about a lot of things. Previously, I was confused by Lily and even wanted to separate you and Belinda. Now I realize that many things were done in a wrong way. I'm sorry for Belinda, but I don't want you to get hurt either. Arvin, maybe there is a good woman by your side who has been waiting for you..."

Amanda looked at Arvin worriedly and said euphemistically, "But you haven't noticed it. You should look forward. Maybe when you turn around, you will find that the right person for you has always been there. You should give others a chance, and you should also give yourself a chance. You can't fall into a dead end and never come out!"

Amanda said in a metaphor. Lily was not a reliable person, but she didn't like and accept Belinda. The only hope at the moment was that Arvin and Ellie could be together. Given the lesson from last time, she put things in an obscure way this time.

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