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   Chapter 308 Everything Has Changed

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Belinda was surprised and looked at him gratefully, as if she had never known him, "Thank you, master. Thank you." Belinda said excitedly, bowed to him sincerely to express her gratitude, and then walked out happily.

Looking at her surprised look, Jasper couldn't help smiling.

Although his apprentice looked a little silly, she was really smart and grateful. He suddenly felt that it was a blessing to accept her in such a hurry.


Belinda began to live and study in England. Every day, all the courses were arranged and even selected by Jasper. She was so busy that she didn't even have time to think about anything else.

Seeing that Belinda had made progress day by day, Jasper was very happy, but he didn't show it on his face. He only gave Belinda some rewards from time to time.

One day, on the dinner table, Belinda brought four dishes and one soup.

"Master, dinner is ready!"

She shushed her hands excitedly and shouted at the man curling up on the sofa like a cat.

"Got it." Jasper stood up slowly and walked to the table, glancing at the dishes on it indifferently.

"There will be a learning test after dinner. You should prepare for it later. If you don't pass..."

He ordered Belinda as he took his chopsticks.

Belinda felt a little embarrassed and said sadly, "Master, why I have to take a test again? What I'm learning now can't meet your requirements at all. Can't you be mercy and give me more time?"

Belinda said helplessly, looking at him with pleading eyes.

"No! The design for Lanyon Group has your name on it. In the eyes of outsiders, you are already a famous designer, and in the eyes of those people, they have high requirements for you!"

It seemed that he didn't care about Belinda's pitiful look at all.


Belinda poute

No wonder he was a famous British designer and even had a good reputation in the royal family.

Belinda carefully lifted her dress and walked downstairs. She admired him in her heart.

"Master, I'm ready!"

On the edge of the stairs, Belinda shouted at him excitedly, and then turned around naughtily to show his work.

Hearing the voice, Jasper raised his head and looked upstairs. He saw Belinda appear in front of him flawlessly. A strange emotion flashed through his calm eyes, and some parts of his heart seemed to be touched hardly.

"Master, your design is really good. I like it so much! This must be your collection, right? I'm so happy to wear it! "

Belinda said excitedly. Her eyes were full of excitement. As she spoke, she walked up to him.

Jasper looked at Belinda in amazement. She really looked like her in an evening dress... Even more.

He stared blankly at Belinda, who was standing in front of him with a smile on her face, as if a lot of unforgettable scenes had emerged in his mind.

The time and character that he wanted to hide from his heart had completely disappeared in his life. Looking at the excited look of Belinda, he felt everything had changed.

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