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   Chapter 306 Go To England

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After saying that, Nancy quickly turned around and left, walking out of the hospital.

At this moment, she knew that Josh must be on his way to England, and she wanted to follow him immediately.

"Sir, go to the airport." On the way, Nancy said without hesitation, and then dialed Mr. Ling's number.

"Hello, godfather, can I ask you to give up the economic punishment on Josh's company?"

Nancy asked in a sweet voice.

"What's wrong? Are you going to plead for Josh before you get married to him? "

Mr. Ling said with a smile, full of ridicule to her.

"No, Godfather. You know, you and godmother are always the most important people in my heart. Without you, I wouldn't have lived a happy life today. But..."

"But what? Now that you have your sweetheart, so we two elders have no place in your heart anymore? " Mr. Ling laughed at her.

"But now Josh has gone to England for that woman. Josh's father has been hospitalized because of anger. I just knew about it. I'm on the way to the airport. I'm going to England."

Nancy said. 'Josh can go to England for the sake of Miss Shan, and I can pursue my own happiness for the person I love.' she thought.

"What? Are you going to England now? "

Mr. Ling asked in surprise. Obviously, he was surprised by Nancy's decision.

"Yes, I'm on my way to the airport. Godfather, I hope you can support me. For my happiness, I must work hard to fight for it. "

Nancy said firmly, with her eyes full of firmness. Hearing her affirmative tone on the other end of the phone, Mr. Ling did not persuade her anymore.

"Well, you're awesome. I support you. As for the matter of Josh's company, I will do as you said. Anyway, Josh is not at home now. It won't be too late to wait until he comes bac

e a lot of opportunities to cooperate and make friends... "

Rose said with dissatisfaction. She had brought Arvin here to talk about the cooperation project, but now he left in the middle of the meeting. Obviously, it was not a win-win solution.

"It doesn't matter. We can talk about the cooperation in the future, but it is very important and can't be delayed for a moment." Arvin said coldly and looked at Rose firmly.

Compared with Belinda, the cooperation in front of him was not as important as her. He could not still pretend that nothing had happened when he knew her news clearly.

"What is more important than the development of your company? "

There was a trace of anger on Rose's face. Apparently, she was a little angry with Arvin's attitude.

She didn't know the reason why Arvin did so.

"It's not convenient for me to tell you more details before the matter is investigated clearly. But I can only say that this matter is absolutely more important than any cooperation in front of us."

Arvin said in a low voice, frowning tightly. Although Rose was Belinda's biological mother, he decided to hide the news before the matter was settled.

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