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   Chapter 302 It's Not Too Late

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Belinda said breathlessly, staring at him without blinking. "I have read the contract, so I naturally know what it means to you. Once the contract is broken, it will cause a huge loss to you."

Belinda said seriously. Although she was not as excellent as him, she didn't want him to be implicated because of her.

"So you brought your work here without permission and replaced mine?" Jasper asked angrily, feeling ridiculous and unbelievable.

"No, I can't design such an excellent work in such a short time. I just modified one according to your previous design draft. It's basically the same as the original design."

Belinda said confidently, with a complacent look in her eyes. After several days of hard work, she finally sorted out the design draft, which looked almost the same as before.

"Ridiculous!" However, he didn't appreciate Belinda's rudeness. He snorted, "Do you think you can easily recreate my previous draft based on a simple observation of my design draft? It's ridiculous. Do you think a simple design of yours in a few days can replace my design of a few months? "

Jasper said sarcastically. He felt that the woman in front of him was really a woman who could only fantasize and do things like a brainless idiot.

"You!" Being mocked by him, Belinda got angry. She had worked so hard to design such a thing, but now he mocked her as nothing?

"Why not? Before the result comes out, everything is unknown! "

Belinda said in a fit of pique. She felt uncomfortable with his sneer.

"If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have done that. My kindness is regarded as malice by you!" Belinda said angrily, with a gloomy face.

"How d

"Well, do you have anything to say now? I helped you to make up for the loss. I did what I said. I helped you recreate the design draft. "

Belinda said excitedly and looked up at him arrogantly.

"Don't be too complacent. I have to confirm your design in person to answer this question."

With a cold face, he replied indifferently. He was still worried about Belinda's design. He couldn't calm down without seeing it in person.

He strode towards the meeting center, ignoring Belinda's joy.

Seeing that he suddenly left, Belinda quickly calmed down and followed him.

"Sorry, I want to confirm today's design." Jasper said to the emcee who was responsible for keeping the design.

The emcee nodded and unfolded the draft without hesitation. The whole picture appeared in front of him, which surprised him.

Belinda copied the design according to his draft. Except for some differences in the spirit, there was no big difference in the drawing skills. If he hadn't personally watched it, he couldn't find anything wrong with her design.

He widened his eyes in surprise. It was amazing!

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