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   Chapter 299 Big Words

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Belinda suggested in a low voice, looking at Jasper's distressed and indifferent face.

To her surprise, her silence drew the attention of Jasper. "It's easy for you to say that. Do you know how long it took me to design it? "

He looked at the damaged design drawing with a hint of disappointment in his eyes.

"I didn't mean to. Is this design really important to you? I can design another one for you. "

Belinda said with a lack of confidence. Looking at the damaged drawing, she was not sure. Just now, she just looked at it a few times. Now it was really difficult to let her design it alone.

"This is my work. What do you know? How could a person who doesn't know how to design meet my requirements? It's ridiculous. "

Jasper said coldly and threw the destroyed design into the trash can.

"Forget it. What has been destroyed is no longer perfect. Never mind."

He said casually, and then walked out of the study with a cold face, leaving Belinda shivering in horror.

She was stunned for a while before she realized what had happened. She bent down and picked up the drawing that had been thrown into the trash can. But because it was rubbed into a ball just now, the whole drawing was in a mess, which was totally different from the previous one.

"Why did you give up such a good design?" Belinda murmured, looking at the manuscript with pity.

She put the drawing back on the table and unfolded it carefully, trying to make it as smooth as before, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't make it as it was.


Jasper walked downstairs slowly with his eyebrows knitted tightly and his face gloomy.

Suddenly, the phone in the living room rang. He frowned and answered the phone without hesitation.


"Are you Mr. Kan? This is the design center. T

firmly, with determination in her eyes. She would try her best to retrieve the disaster she had accidentally caused.

Seeing that she spoke in a firm tone, a strange look flashed across his eyes. He glanced at her, and then turned around indifferently.

"I hope you are not just saying it with your mouth. You can really do what you say." There was a trace of contempt in his voice, but it was not as cold as before. Belinda listened quietly with her head down and involuntarily nodded.

No matter what, she would try her best to help him repair the drawing.


At night, after Belinda finished cooking dinner for him, she plunged into his study and searched for all sorts of design books. Belinda was confused and didn't know where to start.

Although she used to have some painting skills, it was nothing compared to professional design.

She picked out a book from a pair of books that were placed neatly. She remembered that she had seen it in Josh's study. She leafed through it a few times and began to read it. Time passed by bit by bit. Under the heavy night and with the bright light in the study, Belinda didn't realize the passage of time. She immersed herself in the books.

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