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After dinner, Josh helped Belinda tidy up the room and took her to the living room on the first floor.

"Dad, mom, I have a good news for you." Josh couldn't hide his joy. Josh's parents looked at their son expectantly.

"What good news?" The two of them said in a hurry.

"I'm going to marry Shan. I've made up my mind."

Josh said in a firm tone, as if he had made up his mind. As soon as he finished his words, the faces of Josh's parents suddenly stiffened, and the two of them were somewhat silent.

"Why did you decide to get married all of a sudden? How long have you been with Shan? Do you know each other well enough? I think we'd better talk about it later. "

Josh's mother looked at him and said reluctantly. She had always thought that Josh and Nancy would be together. After all, the two family had been friends for generations, and it was natural for them to get married.

"Mom, it's up to me. I just want to tell you that I like Shan and I want to be with her forever. I hope you can understand. "

Josh said in a firm tone. Then he turned around and went upstairs.

Seeing their son turn around and leave indifferently, the two looked at each other silently. Although they was quite unpleasant with this news, but they could not say anything.

In the evening, Josh's mother came to Belinda's room and knocked on the door gently.

"Shan, come with me."


Then the two of them went to the study.

"Your name is Miss Shan, right? I know your intention. Let's make a long story short. I advise you not to dream of becoming a phoenix. " Josh's mother showed her true face as soon as she entered the study.

"You and Josh are not suitable for each other, and marriage is not a small matter. If you want to marry in, you must get the approval of Josh's parents and our family. So, I advise you to give up as soon as possible! "

Josh's mother said impatiently, full of host


All the help and love Josh had given her in the past flashed through Belinda's mind. In consideration to the current situation, the best way was to marry him.

"But..." Belinda looked a little hesitant. She looked at Josh who was kneeling on one knee and didn't know what to do. She didn't know whether Josh was really proposing to her or not.

In front of the camera, Josh winked at Belinda, indicating her to relax.

"Don't worry. These are for my parents and the audience. From now on, no one will give you advice."

Josh said to her gently.

Belinda understood what he meant at once. She nodded excitedly with tears in her eyes, "Yes, I will!" Since she was just acting, she must do her best!

Seeing the scene on TV, Josh's parents were furious.

"I don't have this son! It really pissed me off! "

The TV was still on. Belinda wiped her tears with a smile and hugged Josh.

"We made it!" Belinda breathed a sigh of relief.

Josh immediately put the ring on Belinda's ring finger, and then held Belinda] tightly, laughing happily.

Josh asked Agent Zhang to get them two marriage certificates, pretending to be true.

With their pictures printed on two small red certificates, the two of them announced to the world that they were married!

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