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   Chapter 279 A Bolt From The Blue

The Closer, The Better By Dong Lier Characters: 6849

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"What do you mean?" Josh put down the documents in his hands and looked at him seriously.

"I mean, Belinda is going to be fired today!"

"What did you say! Where is she? " Josh suddenly stood up.

"She's outside the human resources department. She should still be there now." Agent Zhang was unhurried.

"Why are you still standing there? Go and get her here! " Josh was so furious that Agent Zhang almost spit out the coffee he just drank.

" Miss Shan or the HR Manager?"

"Manager!" Josh shouted as he dropped the documents in his hands and loosened his tie.

"Manager, come with me. Josh wants to see you!" Agent Zhang snickered at Belinda as he demanded the manager.

"For me? What is it? " The manager was surprised.

"Let's go and have a look!" Agent Zhang shrugged and looked at him helplessly.

"Shan, see you! " Agent Zhang made a face at Belinda and took the HR Manager away.

"Yes! Bye! " Belinda put her hands behind her back, and smiled brightly at him. After all, thanks to him today.

As soon as he entered the office, the HR Manager nodded and bowed to Josh.

"Josh, what can I do for you?"

"Manager Li, what business are you discussing with Miss Shan? " Josh questioned the HR manager.

"I...I'm talking to this girl and asking her to leave the company." Manager Li murmured.

"I see! Then I'll talk to Manager Li about your leaving the company! " Josh's voice doubled, and his expression was harsher and colder than usual.

"I I don't know what you are talking about. " Manager Li was too scared to raise his head.

"Don't you understand? Go pack your things and leave the company now! "

"Director, how can you ask me to leave for no reason?" Manger Li panicked.

"Then tell me, how can you fire Miss Shan? Reducing the staff? Or just a random reason? Do you need to show off your power in the company? " Josh yelled at Manager Li.

Manager Li finally came to his senses, "Director, I know I was wrong. Please don't fire me. I was just foolish! I have devoted myself to the company for so ma

la rolled her eyes helplessly.

"It's not a big deal that your period is late..." Lola's words made Belinda suddenly remember that she hadn't had her period for a long time.

"Anyway, tomorrow is weekend. How about we go to the hospital?" Belinda got nervous instantly.

"Well, in fact, the doctor just said that eat well, drink well and sleep well!" Lola teased.

Back home, Belinda tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. After carefully calculating the time of her period, she couldn't stay calm anymore. On the second day, Belinda and Lola went to the hospital early, but when they saw the result at hand, the two of them were shocked.

It was written on the report that Belinda suffered from serious endocrine disorders, which might lead to infertility.

"Shan, what's going on?" Lola asked in disbelief.

"Well..." Tears welled up in Belinda's eyes.

"Are you making me worried to death? Tell me! What the hell is going on? "

"I don't know." Curling up in the corridor, Belinda cried with her arms around her knees. Her mind was in a mess and she didn't know what to do for a moment.

Was this God's punishment for her? Was this the punishment for her losing a child?

"How could this be?" Lola was anxious and angry. She was more worried about Belinda.

"I I didn't expect that either. "

At this time, Lola's phone suddenly rang.

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