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   Chapter 276 The Hopeless Hanley

The Closer, The Better By Dong Lier Characters: 6875

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"Well, I'll have a try, but I can't decide whether it will work or not." There was a trace of sympathy and pity in Belinda's tone.

"Thank you, Shan." At that moment, Hanley felt as if a knife were piercing his heart, just as the pain he brought to Belinda. He had never thought that the woman who lived with him day and night would be so different now.

"Well, don't call me again. I'll explain it to Josh." Belinda didn't feel as painful as before when she said this. Instead, she felt more peaceful and relieved. Maybe it was because of Josh's care that she recovered faster.

It was drizzling at dusk. Josh went back to Belinda's ward after a busy day and saw Belinda standing by the window.

Belinda, dressed in a light pink hospital gown, combed her hair in a loose bun. Standing quietly by the window, looking at the soft drizzle and dense green plants outside, she was as beautiful as a subject in a picture.

It was not until Josh accidentally kicked the bed that Belinda found that Josh had come in.

Before Josh said anything, Belinda asked, "Josh, can you do me a favor? " Josh looked at her pitifully.

"What kind of favor? As long as you can speak it out, I will definitely help you!"

Belinda was overjoyed. "It's about Hanley. Recently he..."

Before Belinda finished her words, Josh interrupted her, "Shan, how did that heartless man hurt you? Did you forget it? If it weren't for him, you wouldn't be here now. Don't you know it? "

Obviously, Josh was restraining his emotions. He didn't want to be angry with Belinda, but when he heard Belinda say his name, he couldn't help but

Noticing that Josh was a little angry, Belinda wanted to walk to him and continue to persuade Josh.

Because her leg hadn't recovered yet, she fell on the floor in a hurry.

Josh rushed over and held Belinda.

"Josh, Hanley is really having a hard time recently. It's not all his fault. Can you let him go?" Belinda looked at Josh expectantly.

Josh put Belinda on the bed and walked outside.

"You don't have to ask about it. I'l

en, it occurred to her that she had a good relationship with director Mike Lin.

"Director Lin, how are you doing recently? I'm so sorry to bother you at this late hour! " Said Abby in a soft voice.

"Oh, it's Abby. I've been doing great recently. I've been working on two plays! " Mike Lin burst into laughter.

"What? What's the matter? "

"I want to make an appointment with you. Let's have dinner together and see if you can do me a favor." Abby said politely.

"Well, it's not a big deal. Since Abby has asked, how about we have dinner together tomorrow? "

"Okay, I'll wait for your news!" Mike Lin agreed readily.

After hanging up the phone, she called her friends to contact several more people, but there was no satisfactory answer.

On the second night, Abby and Hanley had already been waiting for Mike at the restaurant.

"Sorry for keeping you two waiting! " Mike Lin was late.

"It's my pleasure, director Lin." Abby said with a smile.

The delicacies were served one after another, and the wine was toasted for a few rounds.

"Director Lin, there has been some misunderstanding between Hanley and Josh recently, so I want to ask you for a favor. Please take care of him. If there is any good role, please think of us. " Abby raised her glass and was about to drink.

"Which Josh? " Mike Lin asked nervously, grabbing Abby's hand.

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