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   Chapter 275 Being Punished

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"Well, I don't need these. Let's go back. I'm a little tired." Belinda got rid of Josh's hand when he was not noticing.

"Let me drive you back to have a rest. Wait for me. I'll buy you a cup of coffee first." Josh turned around and went to the coffee shop, while Belinda was waiting for him by the stairs.

Seeing that Josh had left, Abby came to Belinda immediately.

"Shan, I want to talk to you. Although we don't know each other, both of us were Hanley's girlfriend. It's my fault. Please forgive me, okay?" With a sincere look, she reached out her hand.

"I'm not pestering him. I hope you understand! Let bygones be bygones. " Belinda held Abby's hand with trust.

In a flash, Abby let go of Belinda and pushed her down the stairs.

"Humph! You are no match for me!" Said Abby coldly, looking at Belinda who was rolling down.

"You are such a vicious woman!" Hanley rushed out and scolded her harshly. Didn't you make enough of it last time? "

Then he went downstairs to save Belinda.

Abby hugged him and cried, "She deserves it! It's none of your business! "

"Abby, you Don't go too far! " Hanley shook her off and shouted at her.

"Then what are you doing here? Following this bitch all the way, won't you forget your loving feelings for her? " Her voice was harsh.

"I want to be with Shan again! What do you want? "

At this time, Josh just came out after buying coffee. He saw Abby and Hanley quarreling with each other while Belinda had rolled down the stairs.

Josh threw down the things in his hands, went up and gave a punch to Hanley, threatening, "Hanley! Just wait and see. If you dare to touch my woman, I won't let you off! "

Josh was so angry that blue veins stood out on his forehead. He rushed to the side of unconscious Belinda, picked her up and ran out.

Abby was shocked to see Josh.

When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor did a thorough examination for Belinda. In addition to many bruises on her body, there was a slight fracture in her calf.

Josh went through t

rly morning, the garden of the hospital was full of mist. Josh pushed Belinda to look at the dew on the leaves of the flowers quietly; in the afternoon, the sun was just right, and they sat side by side to appreciate the flying bees and butterflies; in the evening, the wind was gentle, and they saw the stars shining all over the sky. There was no work pressure, no love or hatred. Time passed slowly.

Because of Josh, Hanley was kicked out of the film crew without receiving any notice. He was depressed.

"He took control of my work, and even my Shan. Josh! " He hated him in his heart for having nothing to do in the past two months.

Although he was very angry, Josh was a big shot in the industry. He knew that he couldn't defeat Josh, so he wanted to contact Belinda so that Josh could let him go.

"Shan, I'm sorry, Shan. I don't expect your forgiveness, but now only you can help me. For the sake of our previous acquaintance, please save me! " Hanley pleaded with Belinda.

It was the first time for him to beg in such a humble way, and his tone was quite decadent and helpless.

"I know I was wrong. What Abby did that day was indeed excessive. I should have stopped her in time. It's all my fault..." Belinda couldn't bear to hear that.

Her heart softened. It was indeed not Hanley's fault that day. Josh had gone too far to him.

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