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   Chapter 274 Josh's Courtship

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Bang! The light at the door of the operating room went out and the doctor came out.

"There were some small problems during the operation, but he's out of danger now!" The doctor comforted Belinda.

"Thank you, thank you!" Belinda put her palms together and thanked the doctor. Her hanging heart was finally relieved.

"Miss Shan, since this patient is under general anesthesia, he needs to stay in ICU for observation for six hours. After he wakes up, he can be transferred to the general ward." The doctor explained to Belinda carefully.

"Okay, then... I'll go through the hospital formalities now. " Flustered, Belinda was still wet.

A nurse in the hospital brought her a dry towel. Belinda was not in the mood to care about herself at all. She was just worried about Josh.

When everything was settled, it was already early in the morning. Belinda went home and took a quick shower. After changing her clothes, she went back to the hospital overnight. Since Josh was in an intensive care unit, she could only wait anxiously in the corridor for him to wake up.

Early in the morning, the nurse went into the ward for infusion. The needle went into his skin and woke up Josh who was in a coma.


"You finally wake up!" The nurse said as she skillfully adhered to the tape on the back of his hand.

Josh looked around and asked, "Where am I?"

"Hospital. You were sent here last night for acute appendicitis."

"Who sent me here?" Josh asked in surprise.

"Look, it's the lady sitting outside the door. She has been here with you the whole night." The nurse smiled.

"Yeah?" Josh looked at Belinda who was resting on the chair and smiled.

Hearing the nurse come out, Belinda stood up in a hurry and asked.

"How is Mr. Josh?"

"Don't worry. We can transfer him to the general ward today."

"Thank you." Belinda said to the nurse with a tired but smiling face.

After the nurse left, Belinda pushed

ay. I'm here with you!"

"Josh..." Belinda whispered, trying to get rid of Josh's hand.

"Shh -" Josh clenched her hand more tightly.

Josh drove her to the most prosperous shopping mall in the city. He wanted to make Belinda forget those unhappy things by shopping.

He thought that most women liked to go shopping crazily when they were in a bad mood, and a handsome man like him accompanied to pay the bill. Logically, Belinda would be happy.

Josh took Belinda into many shops. He carefully selected dresses, bags, perfumes, and even toys for her. As long as Belinda showed a little joy, Josh immediately packed and paid.

"Well, Josh, I really don't need these. I have bought enough..." Belinda said unhappily and helplessly.

"Who said that? How can it be possible? I just want the person I like to wear beautiful clothes all over the world, eat all the food in the world, play the best game in the world, watch the best scenery in the world, and become the happiest woman in the world!"

Although Josh was usually serious and cold, he became a boy in front of the woman he liked.

Hanley followed Josh and Belinda all the way here, observing them secretly and waiting for the opportunity. Looking at the furtive Hanley, Abby's eyes lit up and she followed him quietly.

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