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   Chapter 270 Are You Driving Me Away

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Updated: 2020-06-26 05:30

Seeing her son blaming her like this, Amanda looked at Arvin in surprise, as if she was looking at a stranger. "How, how could you say that to me? What I did is not for your own good. Now you talk to me like this because of Belinda."

Amanda said heartbroken, with grievance on her lonely and arrogant face and tears flowing unconsciously.

"Please have a rest. If it's for my own good, I want you to reflect on which thing you have done is for me or for your status in the Xue family."

Arvin said coldly.

"Arvin, you misunderstood me. I just hope that you can recover as soon as possible and regain your position in the company."

Amanda said eagerly. She felt wronged when she looked at Arvin's eyes.

"I'm afraid only you know what you are thinking about. I've already asked Kerr to book a ticket for you to England."

Arvin said coldly and glanced at his aggrieved mother.

"I have arranged everything for you in England." Arvin said coldly without any doubt.

Amanda looked at him in surprise, unable to speak, "Arvin, are you driving me away?"

She said in surprise, feeling unbelievable.

How much did he hate her that he booked the air ticket for her to leave?

"If you want to understand me this way, I have nothing to say. I will take good care of the company and grandma. You don't need to worry about everything here."

He said in a cold voice. Apparently, he had made a full plan.


Amanda looked at him with disappointment. She wanted to say something, but finally she had to bite her lips and turned away resolutely.

Tears suddenly came out of her eyes. She wiped them quickly and ran out of the company.

Seeing Amanda, Kerr was about to ask about the situation, but was ignored by her waving hand.

Seeing her leaving in a hurry, Kerr was confused and hurried to report the news to Arvin's office.

the elevator stopped for a long time and did not come up. Looking at the time getting late, Belinda seemed to be a little anxious. She turned around and saw the stairs, and rushed to the stairs.


Belinda screamed. She lost her balance and fell down without warning.

Rolling down the stairs, Belinda felt darkness in front of her eyes and a severe pain in her feet, which immediately swelled up.

She frowned tightly. The documents were scattered on the ground by her. She tried hard to stand up with her hands, but she fell to the ground again.


The sharp pain made her gasp.

Looking at her swollen ankle, Belinda's tears were about to fall. She endured the pain and dialed the emergency number.


Josh shouted in a hurry and came down the stairs.

"How could this be?"

Looking at his swollen ankle, Josh asked in a hurry.

"I fell down from upstairs by accident..."

Belinda whispered. She was surprised to see Josh, "Why... Why are you here? "

"I forgot to tell you something, so I came to see you on purpose. I heard the sound of stairs, so I came to have a look."

Josh looked at her seriously, his pale yellow eyes full of worry.

"Let's go! I'll take you to the hospital. "

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