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   Chapter 269 A Contemptible Scoundrel

The Closer, The Better By Dong Lier Characters: 6539

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"Not to mention anything else. Recently, when you are in a bad condition, Mark secretly changed a large number of middle level leaders. Almost all the important positions in the company are his people!"

Kerr said unwillingly, looking at Arvin with resentment. If Arvin was not absent-minded and all his attention was on looking for Belinda, Mark would not have such a chance.

"He is just a contemptible scoundrel, relying on my tolerance for him."

Arvin said coldly, ignoring Kerr's suggestion.

When Kerr saw that he was indifferent, a hint of disappointment flashed through his eyes. He knew that no matter what he said at the moment, Arvin would not listen to him. He moved his mouth and walked out of the office.

Amanda walked into the company with a sad face. She walked in a hurry. When she heard the news of Arvin, she couldn't stay at the old house for a moment and decided to come to comfort him in person.


She walked out of the elevator and happened to see Kerr. She waved her hand to stop him.

"How is Arvin?" Amanda said worriedly, staring at Kerr.

"Mr. Arvin is not in a good mood. He is a little negative."

Kerr shook his head helplessly and whispered to Amanda.

"How could this be? Arvin is not a child who takes things too hard? Why didn't he think through when coming to Belinda's matter? "

She said helplessly, frowning more tightly.

"Please go in and persuade him. If the company goes on like this, I'm afraid it will fall into the hands of Mark. "

Kerr said in a low voice with a serious look on his face.

Hearing this, Amanda's eyes suddenly became sharp. "How could that be impossible? How could the company suddenly fall into Mark, the illegitimate child's hands? What qualifications does he have? "

Amanda said discontentedly, with sharp eyes, "No, I can't let Arvin go on like this. He runs the Xue Group, and I can't let others take advantage of it like this."

Amanda said angri

efit had always made him unhappy.

"What are you talking about? I did this for your own good. Your position in the Xue Family is your foundation. How can you think of me like that? Are you willing to see Mark drain the company and occupy the company that you have worked hard to maintain? "

Amanda said unwillingly. A hint of disappointment and shock flashed through her eyes when she looked at Arvin. It turned out that in his heart, what he had always minded was that she intervened in and controlled him.

"If you really think so, then I have nothing to say. Even if I worry about you in vain! "

Amanda said with disappointment. Apparently, she didn't expect Arvin's attitude.

Her son, whom she had always wanted to protect, was so resistant to her, and even hated her.

"Mom, I don't need you to interfere in my affairs. Don't you care enough? You can't see people clearly, so you are harsh on Belinda. You always want to interfere in our affairs. What on earth do you do this for? "

Arvin said helplessly. Facing Amanda, he had a strong urge to refute. Seeing that she was still standing in the office and wanted to interfere in the company's affairs, Arvin was a little excited.

"Did you do anything right before?"

Arvin said coldly, looking at Amanda with questioning eyes.

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