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   Chapter 268 New Boyfriend

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After witnessing a sudden scene of courting, the people around them quickly dispersed. Belinda was a little embarrassed and stood together with Hanley. The smile on her face was stiff.

Josh stood quietly in front of the two people. Belinda looked at him with her clear eyes. The two people could feel a strong sense of embarrassment in the air.

"Shan." Looking at Belinda, Josh was the first one to call Belinda.

"Josh." Belinda smiled awkwardly. She was still confused by the sudden abnormal courtship.

She didn't know what had happened just now. But Josh was standing in front of her, and she had to continue to pretend to be intimate with Hanley, trying to continue the play.

"Who is he?" Looking at Josh, Hanley's face flashed with obvious displeasure. Josh's handsome appearance and temperament in the crowd were not inferior to his, which made him very uncomfortable.

"This is my friend, Josh."

Belinda quickly introduced.

"Is this your boyfriend?" Josh asked softly, trying to hide his inner emotions with his gentle eyes. He just glanced at Hanley a few times casually, and his eyes were all on Belinda, never looking at Hanley again.

"Yes, you have seen what happened just now." Belinda said with a guilty conscience. If it weren't for Hanley, she wouldn't know how to face Josh. She could only lie to him.

Seeing that the two of them were talking enthusiastically but deliberately ignoring him, Hanley felt a little uncomfortable. "Since you are friends, I want to take Shan out for dinner tonight. Why don't we have dinner together?"

Hanley said in an unhappy tone and looked defiantly at Josh. There was no disguise of hostility in his tone and eyes.

Belinda smiled awkwardly. She was a little unhappy with Hanley's performance, but she felt embarrassed to reveal something in front of Josh.

"I have something to do today. How about we have dinner another day? I'm a little tired today."

Belinda hurried to ease the atmosphere. Althou

id softly. The atmosphere today made her feel uncomfortable all over. She just wanted to find an excuse to get off the car as soon as possible.


In the Xue Group, Arvin's whole body fell into a huge burden. Belinda was missing, he didn't know if she was alive or death, and even no news could be found out. His emotions were piled up in his heart, and he looked sadder and sadder day by day.

"Mr. Arvin, you have to hold on. The company's situation is not looking good."

Kerr said to him in a low voice. Since Belinda disappeared, Arvin had put all his attention on looking for Belinda and neglected to manage the company's affairs. The company, which had recovered from the crisis, suddenly fell into a downhill.

"Still no news about her?"

Arvin asked without raising his head, his face darkened. Kerr looked at him and said, "Mr. Arvin, we have been following up and looking for Mrs. Belinda. We even sent notice to the media that we are looking for her. As long as there is any related news, we will definitely know it at the first time. But if the company goes on like this, your position as the CEO may be shaken."

Kerr couldn't help but say to him earnestly. The disappearance of Belinda had no effect on Mark. On the contrary, it made Arvin absent-minded and gave Mark a lot of opportunities.

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