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   Chapter 267 Sudden Courtship

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Hanley's action made Belinda feel a little disgusted. He came here without permission to check her phone privacy, which made her feel a little uncomfortable. She quickly put away her phone.

"Well, since you don't have a boyfriend, just work hard." Looking at Belinda's vigilant behavior, Hanley's face was indifferent. He looked at her long legs deeply and went back to his seat as if nothing had happened.

Belinda lowered her head and couldn't help thinking about something else. Suddenly, her phone rang again.

"Belinda, I'll wait for you outside the company after work."

Josh didn't get any reply from her, so he sent her a message.

Looking at Josh's message, Belinda was a little annoyed. She quickly edited a few words and sent it to him. "I'm sorry. I have an appointment tonight, so I can't meet you."

Belinda replied in a fit of pique. She knew that Josh would not give up unless she made up her mind.

"Appointment? Is there anyone who wants to ask you out? "

Josh asked curiously, unwilling to give up.

"Yes, I forgot to tell you. I already have a boyfriend. Are you surprised? Bless me. "

Belinda replied without hesitation, gritting her teeth and lying to Josh.

The message had been sent for a long time, but her phone didn't ring again. Just when Belinda thought Josh had decided to give up, her phone suddenly rang again.

"Well, I wish you happiness, but I still hope that we can meet, and I even want to see your boyfriend."

Josh said firmly in the message, and even used several exclamations. Belinda was completely shocked by the content of the message. She did not expect that Josh would reply like this, but since the words had been spoken out, she had to bite the bullet.

She couldn't help but feel a pang of regret in her heart. Now that Josh wanted to see her boyfriend, where should she find a man? How could she have a boyfriend!

Belinda thought angrily, scratching

for your flowers. They are beautiful." Belinda said to him gently with a faint smile.

There was a flash of surprise in Hanley's eyes. Belinda's quick response made him very happy. "Shan, be my girlfriend. I will take good care of you in the future."

As he spoke, he knelt on the ground and exerted pressure on Belinda.

Josh looked indifferently at Hanley, who was kneeling on the ground and begging. A hint of coldness flashed through his eyes. Belinda looked at Josh, who looked calm, and gritted her teeth hard. Since things had turned out like this, she'd better finish all the scenes, so that she could have an explanation to Josh.

"Thank you."

Belinda said with a smile, and then helped Hanley up from the ground with embarrassment.

"Congratulations, Mr. Hanley! Congratulations, Miss Shan!"

All of a sudden, the onlookers around them changed their tone and applauded enthusiastically. They began to congratulate Belinda and Hanley. Belinda smiled awkwardly, and the smile on her face was a little stiff.

Josh quietly looked at Belinda and Hanley, who were blessed in front of him. Disappointment and bitterness flashed through his pale yellow eyes. He pursed his lips tightly and remained silent. He just stood quietly in the crowd, like an incompatible prince.

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