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   Chapter 266 Josh's Fiancee

The Closer, The Better By Dong Lier Characters: 6125

Updated: 2020-06-25 00:02

Belinda smiled awkwardly, but she couldn't help but doubt in her heart, 'Josh has already had a fiancee, so why is he still so close to me?'

She was a little disappointed. Looking at Josh who was still driving carefully, she didn't say anything.

"I'll wait for you here tomorrow." Before leaving, Josh stopped the car steadily and said gently to Belinda.

Belinda stopped and looked at him with deep eyes. "Oh, Josh, I want to ask you a question." She looked at Josh's affectionate eyes and didn't know how to say it.

"What?" Josh looked at her suspiciously.

"Do you have a fiancee?" Belinda asked in a low voice.

Josh looked at her serious face and couldn't help chuckling. "Why do you suddenly ask this question?"

The shyness and embarrassment in Belinda's eyes made him feel somehow relieved. Perhaps she seemed to realize something?

"Well, I just asked casually. Don't you really have it?"

Embarrassed, Belinda looked at Josh suspiciously, trying to confirm the truth with him again.

"No, I'm sure."

Josh said without hesitation. There was a hint of banter and meaning in his eyes when he looked at Belinda.

"Is there anyone you like?" Belinda understood what he meant, so she changed her tone and asked him. Maybe there was someone he liked, but it might not become his fiancee yet.

"Yes, there is."

Josh said frankly. He thought for a while with his pale yellow eyes and told Belinda the truth seriously.

Belinda felt a little embarrassed. She had never thought that Josh would fall in love with someone.

"Oh, I see. It seems that you have hidden it well enough." Belinda said with a smile, looking a little embarrassed. Since he had someone he liked in his heart, it was indeed inappropriate for the two of them to be so intimate and contact frequently.

"Well, do you have anything

She didn't even reply to Jos's phone calls and greetings. She just wanted to keep a distance from him.

Josh had thought that she was too busy with her work to reply to his calls and messages, but later he found that all the messages he sent were like stone sank into the sea without any response.

"Belinda, how are you doing recently? Why haven't you contacted me for such a long time? "

Josh couldn't help but ask suspiciously. His intuition told him that Belinda must have some misunderstandings about him, or she wouldn't just ignore him for no reason, and even didn't reply to his phone calls or messages.

The phone rang. Belinda took it and looked at it. When she saw the name of Josh on it, she was hesitant and looked a bit surprised.

With a hint of shrewdness flashing in his eyes, Hanley slowly stood up from his seat and looked at her phone.

"Whose message? Is it from your boyfriend?"

He asked tentatively. For such a long time, Belinda only got along with him in the office, and even didn't have any chance to get in touch with any colleagues in the company, not to mention that she had no one to pick her up and down. Subconsciously, Hanley thought that Belinda didn't have a boyfriend.

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