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   Chapter 265 Find out the Truth

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Nancy said slowly. Since Josh didn't want to see her, there was no need for her to take the initiative to look for him. Besides, it was not the right time.

"Miss said, if you need anything, just tell us. We will try our best to do it."

The subordinate said politely to Nancy. In their eyes, Nancy would be their boss' wife in the future, so they couldn't be careless at all.

"Are you Josh's assistant in the domestic branch company?" Nancy looked at the man in the lead with contempt, but her tone was better.

"Yes, I'm in charge of all the matters Mr. Josh in our country. Mr. Josh has authorized me to do so."

The assistant said respectfully.

"The others can leave now. You can stay here alone." Nancy nodded and ordered those men. The more people knew about the news, the more disadvantageous her actions. It was better to get all the information from one person, which was more cautious.

"Let me ask you, what has Josh done since he came back? Is there anyone around him? "

Nancy asked in a cold tone and took a deep look at his assistant.

The assistant looked a little embarrassed. These things all touched the boss's privacy, and he really couldn't say anything more.

"Well..." The assistant said hesitantly, looking at Nancy timidly, not knowing what to say.

"You don't have to feel guilty. Josh's father entrusted me to come here this time. I just want to know the situation, which is also a routine investigation. You don't have to worry about it. Just tell me what happened during this period."

Nancy smiled and looked at the assistant indifferently. Her eyes were fixed on him, not as arrogant as before, but more gentle to the assistant.

"Oh, I see." The assistant said in a low voice. He finally understood what she meant, and his nervous mood immediately relaxed, "During this period of time, Mr. Josh has been arranging work through the I

onfident look of Belinda, Josh's eyes flashed a trace of appreciation. "If I have an employee who works so hard like you, I will be moved and won't be willing to let you leave."

He said with a smile. Then he turned around and drove carefully. Belinda didn't look at him anymore and continued to read the materials in her hand.

Suddenly, her phone rang. She couldn't help but open the message.

"Are you Miss Shan? I'm Josh's girlfriend. I've already known that you often hang out with him. But I'm his fiancee. I hope you can keep a distance from him. If you can't, don't blame me for being rude to you. "

Belinda looked at the message in her hand in surprise. Her brain went blank for a while and looked at the phone in surprise for a while before she realized what had happened.

'What's this? Does Josh's fiancee want to give me a decent warning alone?'

Josh couldn't help but feel curious when he saw that she was absent-minded while looking at her phone. "What's the matter? Why are you so absorbed in reading?"

He asked with a smile. Out of curiosity, he looked at Belinda's phone.

Belinda's face twitched. She put away the phone in a hurry and looked a little embarrassed. "Oh, nothing. It's just a sales message. It's useless."

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