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   Chapter 264 A Strange Boss

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Belinda said confidently and looked up at Hanley. She couldn't help but mutter in her heart, 'I don't know how to deal with the negative comments on him she heard the other day. After all, I don't know which one is the real him. '.

"If you don't have anything else to do, you just need to do what I arrange for you. You don't need to care about other people. After all, a clean hand wants no washing. "

Hanley said casually, looking at Belinda's slender legs again. Belinda nodded and kept silent.

"This is today's schedule, and all the things that need your overall coordination. You can temporarily do these things today."

Looking at Belinda's delicate face, there was a faint smile in his eyes.

"Yes, I understand."

Belinda nodded and took the documents from his hand. Then she sat at her desk with her head down and began to arrange his schedule for the whole day.

At noon, Belinda was so busy that she even forgot the time to have lunch. As she was only the assistant of Hanley, she was under the jurisdiction of him. The colleagues outside worried that he would be unhappy, so no one dared to be close to her.

"Why haven't you gone to eat yet?"

Looking at Belinda who was busy with her work in the office, Hanley asked gently.

Hearing his gentle voice, Belinda was a little surprised. She was so surprised that she couldn't close her mouth. "Oh, I forgot. I haven't finished my work yet."

She said awkwardly.

"You can't finish your work, but health comes first. You must take good care of yourself. I have to go out for launch now, and you can accompany me."

Hanley ordered in an unquestionable tone. Without leaving any reason or time for Belinda to refuse, he turned around and walked outside.

Looking at his receding figure, Belinda widened her eyes in surprise. 'Why does he seem to be a little different today?'

She didn't think too much and hurried out with her coat.

ing to the waiter, so she didn't notice the expression in his eyes and his affectionate tone.


Nancy lay on the bed alone in the hotel, looking through the window at the sky with empty eyes. Josh hang up her phone without hesitation yesterday. It had never happened before, and he had never been so cold to her.

Thinking of the woman who appeared next to him, she could no longer stay in the hotel peacefully. She simply went to the address she wanted to go before.

People in the company were all surprised to see her. With a gloomy face, she walked in and looked around sharply with reluctance.

"Miss Nancy, our boss is not here. What brings you here?" There were few people in the company who didn't know who she was. She had been struggling in the foreign show business for many years, and she had even won several international big awards. Therefore, all the people in the circle, especially the people in Josh's company, knew who she was.

Moreover, the relationship between her family and Josh's father was also very subtle. Everyone thought that the two were a natural match and would become a couple in the future. Therefore, no one dared to neglect her sudden visit.

"I'm not looking for him. I just want to see you and ask you about the situation."

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