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   Chapter 263 Deliberate Arrangement

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Belinda said excitedly. She had owed Josh enough, and had troubled him a lot. At this moment, she was no longer willing to let Josh make concessions.

Belinda said with embarrassment. Then she turned around and was about to walk out. Josh grabbed her hand and said, "It's not safe for a girl to live outside. You can live here at ease. I'll go out to live. Listen to me. "

Josh said with a smile, turning around and walking outside.

Looking at his resolute back, Belinda looked at him with her clear eyes full of gratitude.


When Nancy settled down in the hotel angrily, she couldn't calm down. The scene she saw in the taxi made her feel like a thorn in her heart.

She was not reconciled at all. Suddenly, she picked up the phone in her hand and dialed Josh's number again.

There was still a familiar mechanic voice from the other end of the phone. She angrily threw the phone on the bed. Josh must have put her phone on the list of not answering, otherwise how could she not be able to contact him for such a long time?

Thinking of this, she picked up the phone unwillingly. "Hello, uncle, can you tell me what kind of business project Josh has in China? Where does he usually live? "

She couldn't find any news from Josh, so she had to rely on Josh's family.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing. I'm in China now and can't contact him for the time being. Can you tell me where he might go?"

She said with a smile and a surprisingly respectful tone.

After a while, some phone numbers and address appeared on her phone. With a smile, she said, "Josh, even if you don't want to see me, I can also find you! "

She smiled complacently, turned on the phone and called one of them.

This time, the phone in the guest room of the hotel rang for a few times and was answered, "Josh, where are you now?"

She asked straightforwardly wit

sistant and all the tasks were ordered by him alone.

Belinda followed him and didn't know what to do for a while. Hanley nervously ordered other people to carry out tasks. It took him a long time to remember Belinda. He looked at her indifferently, "Come in with me."

Belinda nodded and followed him into the room. After taking a deep look at her, Hanley said, "Close the door."

His voice was cold and emotionless. Hearing this, Belinda was stunned and looked at him in surprise, thinking that she had heard it wrong.

"Close the door." Hanley ordered coldly. This time, Belinda reacted and hurriedly nodded to close the door.

"Don't be nervous. In fact, it's very easy to be my assistant. You just need to do your work well and be on call. The work is the most important. The reason why I'm so strict with them is that I'm not satisfied with their work. They haven't done their work well."

Hanley said in a plain tone, looking carefully up and down at Belinda. Belinda was wearing a decent business suit, which perfectly revealed her slender legs, and her perfect curvaceous figure made him eyes linger on it for a few seconds.

Belinda lowered her head and nodded, "Don't worry. I will work hard and won't let you down."

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