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   Chapter 259 The Same Situation

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Belinda expressed her understanding, "In fact, you don't have to explain so much to me. I really don't mind. This is your private life."

Belinda smiled faintly, feeling that Josh had talked a lot to her today.

"In fact, I didn't mean anything. Since you just asked, it didn't bother me to explain to you. "

Josh said with a faint smile. The atmosphere suddenly became relaxed.

"I want to tell you something. Since it's a new start, you can't use your past skills anymore. I think you need to find a new industry and learn new skills. "

Josh said gently, looking at Belinda expectantly. It seemed that he was asking her again.

"You are right. I have been messing about for so long. I should go out to find a job, but I I only worked in a martial arts club and a bar before, so I don't know where to go for the time being. "

Belinda said awkwardly. Since Josh saved her, he had paid for all kinds of medical expenses and living expenses, which made her a little embarrassed.

"I'll return the money to you as soon as possible. Don't worry." Belinda said shyly, feeling guilty to Josh.

"I didn't mean that." Seeing that she misunderstood him, Josh quickly explained to Belinda, "You know I don't want you to pay back the money. I know your situation. I'm doing it for your own good. I think you need to change a new environment, and then fit into it as soon as possible. "

Josh said slowly, "if you really want others not to recognize you, you must start a new job as soon as possible, so that you can become a new person. "

Josh said sincerely, looking at her tenderly.

"I don't know what I can do? Or what should we do? "

Belinda said in confusion. For the time being, she was confused and didn't know how to start a new life. If it weren't for Josh, she would have died long ago and wouldn't be the Miss Shan she was now.

"Don't worry about that. Maybe I can help you.

nth. He is fired within a week. I don't know if he is not good at it or he has a bad temper. "

Another man continued.

"That's right. Hanley's temper is really..."

Standing in the elevator, Belinda quietly listened to their discussion, and her nervous mood could not help but become more uneasy.

It seemed that it was not easy for an assistant.

"Hanley has his own problems. He always treats others too strictly and thinks that it's all other people's fault, so he changes his assistant continuously. "

"All right, all right. We're almost there. Don't say anything more!"

Belinda took a deep look at the two people standing in front of her. Then she turned her eyes slightly and looked at the floor that was about to reach. The discussion between the two stopped.

The elevator door was opened and two ladies came out in a hurry with documents in their hands. Belinda looked at the floor and walked down slowly.

"What are you doing here? You can't even do such a small thing well. What did I say yesterday? This promotion plan requires Hui Hong to do it. Now you take this shabby plan to find me?"

As soon as she walked out of the elevator, Belinda heard a sharp roar. She looked a little embarrassed.

This was such a sad place to work in.

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