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   Chapter 258 Miss Shan

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In the plastic surgery hospital, Belinda stayed there for a few days. She had been eating and dressing carefully these days, but she had no courage to look into the mirror.

"How are you feeling now?"

Josh came in with breakfast specially prepared for Belinda and smiled at her.

"I'm fine. I'm just a little sad. I'm bored staying in the room all day long. And I don't know what my face will look like."

Belinda complained in disappointment. She could only stay in the hospital these days, bored, and she could only talk to the doctor, nurse and Josh day by day. Life was somewhat boring.

"I have a good news for you. Today you can see the sky again and unwrap the gauze."

Josh said softly and then knocked on Belinda's head.

"Really?" Belinda said excitedly, with a flash of surprise in her eyes. "After so many days of torture, I can finally see my real face! "

She said excitedly and looked at Josh happily. "If my face is disabled, you have to claim most of the responsibility."

She was joking, with a hint of ridicule in her eyes.

"If you say so, I would like to see how the disabled you look like."

Josh said casually with a faint smile on his face. His casual words revealed what he was thinking.

Belinda looked a little embarrassed. She couldn't help but think of the last time when the two of them were lying on the same bed. "You wish. I said it casually, but you really believe me By the way, what do you bring today? "

She quickly changed the topic and reached out her hand for breakfast. 、

"Yes, I still bring you some soft porridge. But after the stitches are removed today, I'll take you out to eat. "

Josh said with a smile, and the sadness in his eyes flashed away.


Belinda sat on the bed excitedly and held her breath. The doctor took off the gauze on her face bit by bit. She closed her eyes tightly and her h

t to your house to look for you several times, but you were not there. Your uncle told me that you hadn't come back yet. When will you come back?" She had vaguely heard a woman talking with Josh last time, which had already made her feel very uneasy. What's more, he hadn't come back for such a long time that she couldn't even sit still.

"The specific time has not been decided yet, and we are not sure yet."

Josh said in an indifferent tone. "If you don't have anything else to say, don't call me. I'll be very busy recently. I'll go back naturally if there's nothing else. "

Josh said in a low voice and hung up the phone in a hurry before he could hear the voice from the other end of the line.

Looking at the displeasure on Josh's face, Belinda felt a little embarrassed and asked timidly, "Well, is she your girlfriend?"

She asked softly. She couldn't figure out who else could treat him so well except his girlfriend.

"No, it's a friend of mine. We grew up together. But she had gone abroad. Her family thought we would have been together. "

Josh smiled faintly and said sincerely to Belinda.

Belinda nodded to show her understanding. Compared with how Nancy He treated Josh, Lily and Arvin were the same, weren't they?

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