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   Chapter 257 The Inner Fiend Is The Biggest Fiend

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Josh said calmly, looking at Belinda with gentle expression, as if he was inquiring about her determination.

"Start over?"

Belinda looked at him suspiciously, as if she didn't understand what he meant.

"Yes, if you want to change your face and start a new life, you have to abandon everything in the past, even your identity."

Josh said with a smile, looking at her indifferently. Born beautiful, coupled with the training in the martial arts club, Belinda's figure and appearance was surprisingly good, attracting his unique aesthetic sense.

"Identity? The past? " Belinda didn't understand what Josh meant. Her experience was simple, but judging from his serious words, she seemed to understand something.

"What should I do?" She asked seriously. What if she could really abandon the past and make some changes?

"Maybe you need to change your face and then your identity."

Josh smiled faintly. Belinda's firm words still made him feel her determination to change.

Belinda looked at him suspiciously, "Is that really possible? " She said with uncertainty. But looking at Josh's confidence, she put down her worries and nodded at him, "If possible, I'm willing to."

Josh smiled at her and said, "Since the past is not good, let's start over. I know you are a strong person and won't cling to the past."

He grabbed Belinda's shoulder and took her to a mirror.

Belinda looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was deathly pale, like withered flowers, looking lifeless. In addition, she stayed up late last night to drink, so she looked very listless and dispirited.


In the plastic surgery hospital, Josh pulled Belinda in.

Looking at the doctor in the white surgical gown, Belinda couldn't help but feel a little nervous. In the room, there was a neatly arranged operation table and a cold machine, which made her more nervous.

Josh was talking with the

indifferently, frowning. He sent people to search the whole city, and even used the official power, but there was no news about Belinda, as if she had disappeared from nowhere.

She seemed to disappear from the space.

Arvin remained silent. Looking at his back, Kerr stood there lonely. He didn't say anything for a long time.

"Keep investigating." He ordered coldly, giving off a chill all over his body.

Kerr thought for a while and hesitated, "Mr. Xue, I know I shouldn't say something, but Will something happen to Mrs. Xue? "

Kerr said cautiously. He didn't dare to look at Arvin's back with his gentle eyes. He knew that such words were the last thing he wanted to hear at the moment, and he was even afraid to hear them.

Arvin's deep eyes suddenly flashed a trace of sadness, "No, she must be alive. I have a feeling that she has always been alive, and she has never left the M city! "

Arvin said in a cold voice, even with a trace of firmness. She was still there, always there, just in a corner they did not know.

"I see. I will keep looking for her." Seeing that Arvin was determined, Kerr nodded seriously.

As long as Arvin insisted on looking for Belinda, he would follow Arvin's order even if there was only a slight of hope.

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