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   Chapter 255 No Belinda In The World Anymore

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Updated: 2020-06-20 01:50

Looking at Josh's forthright action, Belinda smiled, "Thank you, Josh. I know there is nothing I can do to pay back your good deeds. But only these words can express my gratitude to you now. "

Belinda said indifferently. Then she raised a glass of wine to him and drank it quickly.

"Here's to my awkward past." Belinda said with a bitter smile, and then drank it without hesitation. Soon, she raised the second glass of wine to Josh, "This is to mourn my dead relatives and lovers. From now on, there will be no Belinda in the world. I will be reborn."

Belinda said in high spirits and drank up all the wine in her hand again.

"The third toast, to the future I'm looking forward to. From now on, a new independent woman will appear. Don't rely on anyone, anyone..."

Belinda said dejectedly, with a bitter smile on the corner of her mouth. If she hadn't had too much difference with Arvin, she wouldn't have lived so hard in the Xue family.

She could only blame herself for being inferior to others.

Josh looked at Belinda who was a little excited and drank a few glasses of wine. Her eyes were somewhat blurred, and her hand holding the glass began to shake Josh grabbed her, "Belinda, you can't drink anymore. If you continue to drink like this, you will get drunk soon. "

Josh said in a soft voice, but his hand was pulled away by Belinda.

"Let go of me. You have no idea what happened to me before. What kind of life have I lived in the Xue family? I, Belinda, a vigorous and resolute woman, was tortured into depression and even wanted to commit suicide."

Belinda said with a smile, tears streaming down her face. "The wine is so spicy that my tears fall!"

Belinda chuckled, picked up the bottle at hand, raised his head and poured it into her mouth.

Josh looked at her coldly. He knew that


The driver looked at her through the rearview mirror, with worry and dissatisfaction in his eyes. Looking at the drunk Belinda, he looked a little unhappy.

"What are you looking at? Serve the wine quickly!" Seeing the driver peeping at her, Belinda said angrily and scolded the driver.

Josh looked a little embarrassed. He hurried to help Belinda lie down. "Don't move. We are going home soon. "

Josh said gently, trying to calm Belinda down.

"EW! Ewww... "

A strong smell of alcohol surged up from Belinda's stomach. She couldn't help covering her lips with her hands.

Josh looked a little panic. "Hey, don't vomit."

He started to look something for her from the car in a hurry.

The driver's face suddenly darkened. "Hey, don't vomit. I'll stop the car right away. Don't vomit in the car..."

The driver said in a hurry, but before he could say anything, Belinda couldn't help but vomit catastrophically with her head down.


A strong pungent smell rushed into his nose. Josh's face was a little heavy. He raised his eyes helplessly and looked at the driver in front of him. The driver's face was almost crying.

"I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. My friend was drunk."

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