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   Chapter 252 the Strange Hospital

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Updated: 2020-06-20 00:02

Looking at Josh's indifferent expression, Belinda was moved somehow.

"What?" Josh turned around and looked at Belinda indifferently. "What's the matter?"

He asked carefully.

"Oh, No." Belinda seemed to be a little shy about Josh's concern. "Good night. Go to bed early too." Belinda said with difficulty.

"Good night, Belinda." Josh smiled lightly and then turned around. "If you have any questions, call me at any time. I'm next door."

His words were as warm as the spring breeze, making Belinda feel a strange warmth in her heart. She nodded like a child.

The next room was very quiet the whole night. Belinda lay on the bed at ease. Thinking of the sleeping old man, she felt inexplicably relieved. After a long time, she fell asleep, with unprecedented ease.

One night without a dream, it had been most peaceful night for Belinda since she lost her baby. She didn't open her eyes until she heard the bird singing outside the window of the hospital.

"Hey, why are you here?"

A pair of pale yellow eyes stared at her, gentle and warm like sunshine. Belinda, who just opened her eyes, was startled.

She sat up from the bed in a panic and gently touched her chest with her hands.

"Don't you know that you scared me to death! When did you come here? Why didn't you tell me? "

Belinda said in a somewhat reproachful tone. With a faint smile on Josh's gentle face, he continued, "I just don't have the heart to wake you up because I see that you seldom sleep so comfortably."

Josh didn't take it seriously at all. On the contrary, he seemed very indifferent to her misunderstanding.

"But you can't just appear in front of me like this. You scared me." She said discontentedly. But inexplicably, she didn't hate him in her heart.

"Well, hurry up. Let's go out for breakfast." Josh turned around and left.


even have children, and some have lost their partners. Only here can they enjoy advanced medical treatment and life at the same time."

Josh's voice was calm and gentle, but Belinda could feel a trace of sadness from it.

"So they have no choice but to stay here and wait for death?"

She said sadly, with a hint of helplessness and sadness in her eyes. These people looked like ordinary patients, but they were suffering great pressure and pain in their hearts.

"You are wrong. It's just what you think. Can you see sadness and fear of death on anyone's face here?"

Josh said lightly and corrected Belinda's sad thoughts. "These people are the real brave people in life. Although they are facing death all the time, they still choose to live a positive life and try to live a good life every day. So what you see on their faces is always smile and happiness, even if the God of death will come to visit tomorrow."

Josh looked at Belinda calmly, and his words were more intriguing. The corners of Belinda's eyes were a little moist, and for the first time, it seemed that something had knocked out a hole in her heart that had been closed for a long time. The sun penetrated through the small cracks little by little.

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