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   Chapter 170 Someone Wants to Hurt Her

The Closer, The Better By Dong Lier Characters: 6149

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Arvin suddenly stopped, "When you really fall in love with someone, you will know that protecting your family is your most basic principle. It's not worth it or not, only willing or not."

Arvin said in a cold and firm voice. Hearing his words, Ellie felt as if her heart had been pulled hard, and she was unable to breathe because of the pain.

Was it because in his eyes, Belinda was his family, the family he was most willing to protect, and she was just a passer-by after all?

Tears streamed down Ellie's face. She held her hands tightly and said, "If I say that you have someone you are willing to protect and I have someone I am willing to pursue, with different wishes and the same persistence, are you willing to accept it?"

She said to Arvin's back in a bitter tone. Arvin suddenly stopped, "Obsession can only be exchanged for pain." He frowned deeply and left indifferently.

"Arvin, you don't understand at all how it feels to like someone. You never understand my feelings!"

Looking at his resolute figure, Ellie couldn't help but shout at him hoarsely. Her face was blurred with tears all of a sudden.


Belinda returned to her room. After staying in the hospital these days, Madame Xue ordered the servants to clean the room. Looking at the clean and tidy room, she felt warm in her heart.

She slowly lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling. She was extremely happy. At this moment, Arvin suddenly came in.

Seeing her lying on the bed leisurely, he frowned and said, "You seem to be in a good mood?"

Arvin walked to the bed with a cold face and said in a cold voice.

"You are right. I am in a good mood. According to you, why should I be in a bad mood? Is there anything that makes me unhappy? "

Belinda looked at him suspiciously, puzzled.

"Belinda, you are really broad-minded. It seems t

me like this, who knows if you are doing this out of selfishness or not?"

Belinda murmured with dissatisfaction and couldn't help suspecting him.

"Well, since you want to know, I'll tell you that you're not safe at all in the old house, and you need to be careful. So, I'm protecting you. Do you understand now?"

Arvin said in a deep voice, staring at her sharply with his deep eyes. After saying that, he withdrew his arm that was around her, and then smartly tidied up his sleeves.

Belinda looked at him suspiciously. His serious expression didn't seem to lie at all, and it was unnecessary for him to lie. She was dubious, and her clear eyes suddenly became deep.

She was not safe in the old house, so the implication was that someone wanted to hurt her here?

Belinda suddenly realized something and asked, "Are you telling the truth?"

"Of course it's true." Arvin said in a cold voice. Looking at her strange eyes, a meaningful smile suddenly appeared at the corners of his mouth. "Otherwise, do you think I was so bored to come to you and talk to you about this?"

Arvin smiled faintly. Belinda's serious expression told him that she had already been interested in his warning and became vigilant.

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