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   Chapter 169 Is It Worth

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"All right." It was hard for her to refuse, so Belinda had to pick up the bowl again and drank up all the bird's nest soup in it.

Arvin quietly watched this scene, eating casually without any expression on his face.

Looking at his pretended calm face, Ellie couldn't help but feel nervous with her palms sweating.

During the whole dinner, Ellie was absent-minded. She didn't dare to look up at Arvin. She was so nervous that she was afraid that Arvin would tell others that she had drugged Belinda.

She lowered her head and kept silent. Seeing that she kept her head down, Amanda couldn't help but ask, "Ellie, are you feeling uncomfortable? Why do you always keep your head down? "

She asked with concern and pinched her.

Ellie raised her head in a hurry, "No, no! I'm a little hungry today. I just want to finish it as soon as possible. "

With an embarrassed look on her face, Ellie raised her head and said awkwardly. She couldn't help feeling guilty.

Arvin looked at her quietly, then lowered his head and continued to eat.

Being stared at by him, Ellie's heart suddenly stopped. "Grandma, aunt, I'm finished. Enjoy yourself." After saying that, she ran out in a hurry and walked towards the back garden.

Amanda looked at her strangely and couldn't help muttering, "What's wrong with this child? Why did she leave in such a hurry? She hadn't eaten much! But she said she was full? "

Amanda said with a puzzled look on her face, and then enjoyed her meal at ease.

Being led by Madame Xue, Belinda didn't care about Ellie's position at all. Madame Xue kept putting food in her bowl. Belinda couldn't refuse her kindness, so she had to eat them all at ease.

Arvin put down his chopsticks and walked out of the living room expressionlessly.

Amanda looked at him suspiciously, and a strange expression flashed acr


Arvin threatened her in a magnetic voice and cast a cold glance at her, warning her.

"Whatever you say. I don't understand. If you really have evidence, just take it and report me. Anyway, I'm not afraid!"

Arvin's intimidating words didn't frighten her away, and she retorted.

"Well, since you don't want to admit it, I won't pursue it anymore. But next time, Ellie, it's a matter of life and death. I won't forgive you easily. This is my last warning to you. Otherwise, even Madame Xue can't protect you."

Arvin warned in a deep voice. He couldn't bear anyone who wanted to hurt Belinda.

With a gloomy face, Ellie pursed her lips and listened to him silently.

"Cousin, is Belinda really so important to you?" Her voice suddenly became quiet, as if she had fallen into silence, and her eyes were full of sadness.

"It doesn't matter whether Belinda is important or not. The most important thing is that no one is allowed to have impure thoughts in the Xue Family. Ellie, take care of yourself. That's all!"

Arvin warned her coldly, glanced at her indifferently, turned around and was about to leave.

"Is it worth giving up me for Belinda?" Said Ellie sadly, with inexplicable bitterness in her heart.

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