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   Chapter 167 Well Prepared

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Ellie turned around and looked at Arvin with reluctance, but was forcefully pulled away by Amanda.

Rose stood at the door. A hint of worry flashed through her shrewd eyes. She turned around indifferently and returned to the ward.

"Who were the two women just now?" Rose asked in a low voice, frowning.

"One is Arvin's mother, and the other is his cousin." Belinda said without reservation. She had no intention of hiding anything from Rose and inexplicably trusted her.

"These two people don't seem to be very kind. Be careful in the future and don't contact them, especially that young girl."

Rose warned in a gentle tone. Just now, she saw clearly the strange and complicated expression in Ellie's eyes. Her intuition told her that this person must be not simple.

"Auntie, you think too much, don't you? Indeed, Arvin's mother doesn't like me very much and she is very rude to me. But Ellie, she has a good relationship with me. When I first came to the Xue Family, she accompanied me. "

Belinda couldn't help but smile bitterly. She thought that Rose's words were making a mountain out of a molehill, and she even cared too much about her. Everyone looked like a bad person in her eyes.

"Belinda, trust me. I have seen more people than you when I was in business for so many years. I always feel that Ellie isn't kind to you. And she is actually with Arvin's mother. The two of them seem to be on good terms."

Rose said earnestly, "Although I can't see anything wrong between them, you should be careful and be well prepared!"

Rose said earnestly. Belinda looked at her with a smile and said, "Aunt Rose, I think you have seen a lot of people, so you think everyone is like a bad person."

Belinda smiled and didn't take Rose's warning seriously. She would never suspect Ellie. She was the closest person to her in the whole Xue Family.

Rose sighed slightly. "Anyway, you just need to be careful. I said it for

back. You have stayed in the hospital for so many days. You must have been bored, right? It's fine since you have come back. I'll ask the servant to help you nourish your body. Only in this way can the child be healthy. "

Madame Xue said with a smile. Then she led Belinda into the villa.

Looking at Arvin, who was taking something from the car, Ellie didn't move. She didn't say anything until Arvin passed by her, "Cousin."

Her voice was full of expectation. She stared at Arvin's calm face and asked, "Are you still blaming me?"

Ellie said in a flattering tone. Arvin turned a blind eye to her, which made her feel like a big stone pressed on her heart.

"I won't blame you. I just hope that you can take care of yourself. In the old house, you should know what you can do and what you can't do."

Arvin said in a deep voice. Since Ellie told him the truth, he deliberately kept a distance from Ellie, not to mention giving her any chance.

Looking at his resolute figure, Ellie bit her lips tightly and said, "Don't you have anything to tell me except caring about Belinda and warning me?"

Ellie asked unwillingly and hurried to catch up with him.

"I haven't seen you for so many days. All I think about is you. Why do you treat me so coldly? Am I not your family? "

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