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   Chapter 165 What Kind of Person She Is

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Rose smiled and casually explained the information of the other party.

Arvin nodded slightly and said, "I will keep your kindness in mind." Arvin nodded his head to show his gratitude.

According to the current situation of the Xue Group, he was not allowed to continue to deal with it. He could only find a new way.

"If you really want to thank me, just thank Belinda. I just don't want her to be affected by bad things when she is pregnant. "

Rose said without hesitation. Her gentle eyes darkened. At the moment she saw Belinda's pale face just now, she almost couldn't help but want to tell her that she was her mother. However, with the presence of Arvin, she gradually calmed down.

"Mr. Rose, I will keep your kindness in mind." Arvin smiled at Rose and sent her out of the hospital.

In the car, Rose rolled down the window and said in a gentle tone, "Go back and tell Belinda that I will come to see her tomorrow and let her have a good rest."

"Okay." Arvin smiled faintly and waved goodbye to her.

On the way, Rose was driving the car with her eyebrows tightly wrinkled. Belinda's appearance just now made her heart inexplicably painful. Although she didn't know why her daughter married into the Xue Family, she didn't seem to have a happy life as she had imagined

Thinking of this, Rose's heart sank and she began to worry about Belinda.


After driving back to the old house, Ellie took a deep breath, closed the door and walked towards the living room.

At midnight, although it was gradually quiet outside, the spacious hall was still brightly lit. Madame Xue sat on the sofa with a straight face, and beside her stood a servant. Amanda looked at Madame Xue impatiently. Obviously, they had been waiting for a long time.

"Grandma." Ellie walked up to Madame Xue haltingly and shouted with her head down.

"You're back?" Madame Xue said in a calm tone, holding her crutch tightly with both hands, and looked up at her indifferently.

"Arvin came to me and asked me something, s

to the hospital early to accompany her.

"Auntie, is there nothing to do in the company? I'm fine. If you have any problem, just go back. " Seeing that Rose was helping her peel the fruit, Belinda said with embarrassment.

"It doesn't matter. I have given orders to the staff in the company. Someone will do it. But you are sick, so I naturally come to see you."

She looked at Belinda with tenderness in her eyes and handed her the fruit with a smile.

"I'm embarrassed for being taken care like this! It seems that I have received a great gift. No one has ever cared about me so much before except grandpa and dad. " A trace of bitterness flashed across Belinda's face, and she smiled sheepishly.

The smile on Rose's face froze. "What about your mother? I've never heard anything about your mother from you? "

Rose held her breath and asked cautiously.

"I don't have a mother." Belinda took a bite of the apple and said casually, "In fact, I haven't seen my mother since childhood, and my impression on her is very vague. I don't know what kind of person she is."

Belinda said indifferently, with no expression in her eyes, as if she was talking about other people's business.

Rose's heart jolted. She looked at Belinda nervously, "Have you ever thought of her for so many years? Or what kind of person do you think she is? "

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