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   Chapter 161 It's All Her Fault

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"Belinda, what happened to you?" Ellie said in a panic and picked her up.

"Call an ambulance!" Being shaken by her with great strength, Belinda felt dizzy and sick. She waved her hand to stop her and said weakly.

"Hold on. I'll call an ambulance for you right now!" Ellie said in a hurry and took out her phone from her bag.

"My phone is out of power! I forgot to charge my phone last night! What should we do? " She pretended to be anxious, holding Belinda in her arms helplessly.

Belinda was speechless. The pain in her body almost made her faint.

"I have one here." Someone passing by took out her phone and said. Then Ellie took it and began to make a call.


In the hospital, Belinda was quickly carried into the emergency room. Ellie looked at the light in the emergency room with deep eyes and an indifferent expression.

If Belinda left, it would be a better result

After a long time, the door of the resuscitation room finally opened. She rushed up and asked, "Doctor, how is she?"

She asked cautiously, with some expectations in her heart.

The doctor took a deep breath and said, "Fortunately, the pregnant woman only got a slight concussion due to her head injury."

"What about the baby?" Ellie couldn't wait to ask. The baby was the key of this plan and her ultimate target.

"The baby is fine. It's very lucky!"

The doctor said with a smile. Then he took off his mask and walked out.

Ellie's hopeful eyes dimmed. She answered expressionlessly, took out her phone and dialed a number.


In the hospital, Arvin rushed into the ward madly. When he saw that Belinda was in a coma, his face suddenly darkened. He looked at Ellie angrily, as if he was suppressing his anger.

"You..." Before he could open his mouth, the door of the ward was knocked. Madame Xue came in tremblingly, followed by Amanda.

"What happened? How could she get hurt while shopping?

ound Ellie's shoulders and comforting her softly.

"I'm sorry, grandma. It's all my fault. It's all my fault." Ellie broke into tears and apologized.


Hearing the sound in the room, Belinda opened her eyes slowly and called weakly.

Seeing her wake up, Madame Xue came forward excitedly and grabbed her hand. "Belinda, how are you feeling now? Are you okay? "

She asked with concern.

"Grandma, I'm fine. I just feel a little dizzy. Don't blame Ellie. It's not her fault today. It's my own fault. "

Belinda looked at Ellie indifferently and interceded for her.

"You've been in such a bad situation, but you still speak for her. I have to say, it's all her fault that she didn't take good care of you, so you fell down the stairs!"

Madame Xue said angrily. She glanced at Ellie sharply and couldn't help but feel shocked.

"It's really not Ellie's fault. I was careless..."

Belinda said in a low voice. Thinking of the man who pushed her hard to the stairs behind her, she turned her clear eyes slightly and decided not to tell anyone.

"Belinda, I'm sorry." Seeing Belinda speak for her, Ellie quickly rolled her eyes and took the initiative to apologize to her.

Behind them, Arvin stared at Belinda and his face changed rapidly.

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