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   Chapter 160 What Do You Want To Do

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"What the hell do you want?" Arvin questioned her in a cold and sharp voice, "Do you want to die?"

He grabbed Ellie's arm with great strength.

At the sight of Arvin, Ellie calmed down and asked, "What? Are you worried about your wife and tailed after her on purpose? Are you worried that I will hurt her? "

Ellie looked at him with a touch of indifference and bitterness in her eyes. She didn't expect that Arvin would be here.

"Have you not done that? What's the difference between your behavior just now and suicide? Don't you know that if you were a little slower, both of you would have been killed in a car accident! "

Arvin frowned and scolded her in a stern and concerned voice.

"I don't want to see you lose your life because of jealousy and hatred. Ellie, I don't want to see you like this."

Arvin said in a low voice, loosening his grip on her hand, and his tone was sincere and helpless.

"Then what do you want me to do? Just watch you and her being tied up without any feelings towards each other? Just see you live together like a couple? Do you really want to be with her even if she doesn't love you? " Ellie raised her head and asked seriously, with unwillingness and jealousy in her eyes.

"I'm not reconciled. I can't stand it at all. Cousin, I can't figure it out. Since you don't love each other, why are you still tied together? Can't you take a look at me and pay attention to me?"

Ellie said unwillingly, looking a little excited. It was a kind of torture for her to see her beloved man making out with other women every day.

"So, you told grandma that you would like to go out with Belinda this morning for the purpose of taking revenge on her?" Arvin frowned tightly. He felt sorry for Ellie, who had lost her mind.

"Then what do you want me to do?" Ellie raised her head and looked at him with a serious look.

"What do y

head was wet.

"It hurts!" She covered her belly tightly. Because of the impact, there was a tearing pain in her stomach, and something fell from her forehead. She reached out her hand to touch it, and the fresh red blood was shocking.

"Help, help..."

Belinda covered her belly and shouted weakly.

"Help? Is anyone here? Who can help me call ambulance? " Belinda endured the pain and tried to stand up with both hands, but the huge pain made her dizzy.

A concussion? She quickly lay on the ground and took a deep breath. "Help!"

Her voice was getting weaker and weaker, and the pain made her gradually lose consciousness.

On the stairs, Ellie looked at everything quietly, indifferent and malicious.

She looked at her expressionlessly, then turned around and walked away indifferently.

Just then, someone came down the stairs. Seeing Belinda fainted on the ground, he walked up and asked with concern, "What's wrong with you? Wake up? Are you okay? "

In a trance, Belinda felt someone shaking her. She slowly opened her eyes and said, "I'm injured. Call an ambulance for me."

She raised her head and saw Ellie standing at the stairs, expressionless.

"Belinda!" When the four eyes met, Ellie screamed and rushed over.

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