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   Chapter 151 Push the Boat with the Current

The Closer, The Better By Dong Lier Characters: 6461

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"What did you mean just now? Do you hate me to the core? 'A fox cannot hide its tail.' You can't hide it anymore, can you? "

Amanda said with a disdainful look.

"What do you think?" Mark squinted his eyes and smiled at her coldly.

"I know you don't like me and no one in your heart can compare with your son, Arvin. But so what? I have a position in the company!" Mark sneered, as calm as ever.

"You have a clear estimation of yourself. Arvin is the CEO of the company, but you are just a general manager. There is a world of difference between you and him. Don't blame me for not looking up to you. In my eyes, you, an illegitimate child of a mistress, will never be comparable to my son!"

Amanda pushed the boat along with the current and trampled on Mark with disdain.

If he hadn't said such straightforward words, she wouldn't have thought of humiliating him like this!

Mark's calm face suddenly changed. The words "mistress" and "illegitimate child" deeply hurt his self-esteem. He stretched out his hand and pinched Amanda's neck, "Do you think you have lived too long?" His expression was ferocious, and his eyes were ferocious against her. He pinched her neck harder and harder, and his expression became more and more ferocious because of hatred.

Amanda couldn't breathe because of his grip, and her face turned red immediately. Her feet rose from the ground and she slapped him with both hands, trying to break free.

Mark looked at her struggling fiercely, the hatred in his eyes gradually turned into playfulness and appreciation, with a bloodthirsty smile at the corners of his mouth, which made people feel chilly, "You're right. I'm not as important as your son. I don't have a high position in the Xue Group, but soon, the whole Xue Group will go bankrupt. At that time, everyone's talk at leisure will be that Arvin is a loser that he was even not able to save his family business!"

Mark smil

you a lesson! You bastard! " She cursed angrily and then turned to the living room.

Standing on the balcony, Ellie looked at everything calmly. She turned around and went downstairs quietly.

Amanda and Mark were deadly enemies. It was a good chance for her.

Her eyes twinkled and a plan came to her mind.

"Aunt Amanda! What's wrong with you? " When Amanda came in, she couldn't help but raise her voice. Amanda thought if she said that Mark had done something unreasonable to her, presumably, Madame Xue wouldn't believe it and would definitely blame herself for it.

This time, Amanda became smart and decided to hide the news from them and do something bad to Mark secretly.

"What? Ellie! " Being stopped by her, Amanda was stunned and could not help but feel relieved.

"What's up?" She asked suspiciously, fiddling with the collar with her hand awkwardly, and her face looked a little unnatural.

"Ah, are you hurt?" Knowing that Amanda didn't want to tell her the truth, Ellie looked at her neck with sharp eyes and pointed at it casually.

Amanda looked flustered. "What?" She didn't expect that Ellie would see it.

"Ah! There is an ecchymosis on your neck. What's wrong with you, aunt?"

Ellie looked at her worriedly and covered her mouth in surprise.

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