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   Chapter 150 the Fox Tail Was Finally Revealed

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Belinda looked at him strangely. If she had confronted him like this in the past, he would have fought back aggressively and domineeringly. But now he suddenly became gentle. Not only did he not refute her, but his tone was even a little gentle.

Belinda blinked awkwardly, thinking that she had misheard. "What did you say just now? I didn't hear you? "

Her expression was serious and somewhat naughty. Looking at Arvin, she could not help laughing. He deliberately put on a cold face and said, "I asked you to go back to sleep!"

His voice was as gentle as just now. Belinda was touched by his words. She bowed her head obediently and answered softly.

Her expression was somewhat innocent and lovely. Arvin's deep eyes fell on her face, and his pupils shrank violently when he thought of the threat and warning that Mark had said to him.

"So do you. Go to bed early. You always go out early and come back late recently. You don't look well. Go to bed early." Belinda asked Arvin concernedly.

Arvin's hard heart suddenly twitched, and a warm stream flowed through his dry heart, spreading from the position of his heart to his whole body. This feeling was so wonderful that he couldn't help but indulge himself in it.

His cold face suddenly turned cold, and he strongly resisted the impulse to hug her. He quickly reached out his hand and pushed her aside, "You are in my way!" His voice was cold and emotionless.

Belinda only felt a flash in front of her eyes, and her center of gravity suddenly lost balance. She leaned to the side, and quickly pulled the chair beside her with both hands to stabilize her body.

"Are you crazy?" Belinda was so angry that her gentle face suddenly darkened and she shouted at his back.

He pushed her away without saying a word, which almost made her fall!

"You blocked my way first." With his back to her, Arvin said indifferently. His voice was extremely cold

dn't want to offend Madame Xue again.

"Grandma, there are a lot of things to deal with in the company recently. I'm leaving now. Enjoy yourself." The whole dining atmosphere was ruined by Amanda. Mark didn't want to raise his head to see the face he didn't want to see, so he made an excuse and left.

"Well, since it's business, go ahead." Madame Xue raised her head and said softly without thinking too much.

Mark squinted his eyes and nodded at Madame Xue. The moment he turned around, he looked up at Amanda with hatred.

His eyes were so cruel and intimidating that Amanda was taken aback and her heart stopped beating.

"You! Why are you looking at me like this? " Amanda said with fear, her face pale. She summoned up the courage to question Mark in a cold voice, but she was not confident in her heart. The look in his eyes just now was so terrible, with a trace of viciousness.

"You saw it wrong!" Mark smiled, quickly regained his modesty, and then turned around and left indifferently.

Amanda's heart skipped a beat. Being stared at by him, she was in a bad mood. She quickly put down her chopsticks and said, "Mom, enjoy yourself. I'm full!"

Then she chased after Mark in a hurry.

"Stop!" Outside the door, Amanda trotted to catch up with Mark.

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