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   Chapter 148 Not Afraid of Anything

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"So you preside over the general shareholder's meeting for me without authorization, and then put the whole company in trouble, and put all the mess on my head?" Arvin's face turned livid with anger. Mark's indifference to the life and death of the company made him angry.

Anger erupted from his chest and went up. Arvin glared at him with sharp eyes, full of criticism.

"I don't care whether the company is alive or not." With a faint smile, Mark flipped the short hair on his forehead and said, "Well, there's one more thing. The municipal project we bid for has been won by the Hu Group, and their price is three points lower than ours. You don't have to think about the search for external aid working capital! "

Mark said in a gentle voice, with an expression of interest on his face. Looking at him, Arvin couldn't help but grab his collar hard.

"So, you've already planned to destroy the Xue Group, leaving no room for retreat!"

Arvin said angrily, and the anger in his eyes could not be concealed, as if he wanted to burn him completely.

"Are you angry? Do you want to hit me? If you hit me here, I will never fight back. When we go back to the old house, I can also let Grandma have a good look at it. You not only have a mess of company management, but also are narrow-minded. You can't tolerate me... "

He looked straight into Arvin's eyes, without any scruple. With a slight twitch of the corners of his mouth, he pointed at his face with a mocking finger and asked Arvin to make a move.

"You bastard! How dare you threaten me with grandma! " Arvin stared at him fiercely, trying his best to get rid of him and cursed angrily.

"Yes, you are right. I am a bastard. In the eyes of all of you, I am a scumbag and a little bastard. But so what? I just want all of you to have a hard time. I want the group that you all work hard to maintain to collapse! Avenge my mother! "

Mark retorted firmly

some compensation for you. I hope you can stop."

Arvin frowned and looked at him deeply, hoping to persuade him to change his mind.

"Guilty conscience? You are sorry for what you have done to me. Everyone owes me. You, Amanda and grandmother, all you want is to sacrifice myself to return the whole Xue Family's peace, don't you? "

Mark laughed crazily, snorted and rebutted Arvin loudly.

"That's why grandma transferred the thirty percent of the shares to me."

Mark said in righteous indignation, as if the whole world had betrayed him and put him into endless pain.

"It's excusable that you hate me and my mother, but grandma is innocent! You can't do this to her! "

Arvin scolded him harshly, looking at him angrily, "She can't be stimulated. Don't you feel sorry to do so?"

Arvin said in a deep voice. When he heard that he had no feelings for his grandmother, his heart suddenly sank and looked at him worriedly.

"Ha-ha, that's what I should do. She volunteered to do that, and so did you? For so many years, you feel guilty for me, so you support my life abroad and allow me to work in the group? "

Mark smiled viciously and curled his lips with disdain. His words hit Arvin's soft spot. "That's why I'm so unscrupulous and not afraid of anything!"

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