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   Chapter 145 Who Knows That Kind of Relationship

The Closer, The Better By Dong Lier Characters: 6245

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Hearing her angry words, Sophie sighed helplessly and turned to the kitchen. She didn't know when the quarrelsome lovers could talk nicely.

Sitting in the living room angrily, Belinda looked upstairs. Her heart gradually sank, and an indescribable gloom lingered in her heart, making her difficult to breathe.


Deafening music, in the middle of the singing and dancing pool, a group of scantily clad men and women twisted their bodies crazily, trying their best to release their emotions. Under the light of the charming light, they were full of lust.

In the center of the bar, Mark's feminine eyes swept over everything in front of him. Seeing that he was indifferent, the beautiful women around him kept accosting him, trying to draw him over.

On the other side, a middle-aged man with a playful face was hugging two women in his arms. He kept laughing and playing with the hostess beside him.

"Mark, now that you're out, you should enjoy yourself. Why are you so disappointing? Look at the beautiful woman next to you. Her face is so pale that she is about to cry!"

Alex held a coquettish woman in his left hand, picked up the glass beside him and drank it up without hesitation.

Mark smiled gently, "Mr. Alex, you are a hero with a beauty. I won't join in the fun. You are the most important person today."

Mark smiled faintly and winked at the woman to signal for her to come to Alex.

"Mr. Mark, you are too modest. Thank you." Alex squinted at the woman in front of her and immediately smiled happily. He rudely moved his position and let the woman sit down.

"Well, you have arranged such a big scene today, Mark. Do you have something important to tell me? Why don't you tell me directly?" Alex said unscrupulously. He was in a good mood and his face was full of smile.

"Mr. Alex, you are so smart. You know I have something to te

, Alex got angry and his face darkened.

Mark nodded and gave Alex a meaningful look. "Assistant? Is that how Arvin introduced her? "

Mark sneered with disdain. Arvin was really good at finding excuses for himself. He just said that she was his assistant.

"What? Is there any secret hidden in it? " Alex approached Mark with curiosity, his eyes full of doubt.

"Do you know who Belinda is? She is the legitimate wife of Arvin, protected by the law. But it's not your fault. You are also kept in the dark. " Mark smiled faintly and shrugged helplessly.

Alex's eyes twinkled with shrewdness. At this moment, he finally understood what happened next. He could not help but feel a cold sweat for himself. Fortunately, Belinda had the ability to deal with him, otherwise...

The consequence would be unthinkable. It was not simply a matter of terminate the cooperation or being broken off his wrist! Embarrassed, Alex's face turned red and his eyes were rolling. But he didn't want to show it in front of Mark, "It's not my fault. Arvin took his wife out for business and deliberately concealed the information. Who knows what kind of relationship the two of them are..."

Alex said awkwardly and tried to find an excuse for himself.

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