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   Chapter 144 Illusion

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"As far as I know, Mark has secretly contacted some shareholders who were dissatisfied with the decision of the board of directors, and even some producers with whom we have cut off cooperation. They meet frequently recently, and it seems that they want to take some actions. "

Kerr said indifferently, looking quietly at the calm Arvin. These days, the CEO had paid most of his attention to family affairs, but neglected the company management, Arvin frowned and said coldly, "I see. You need to investigate who he has contacted recently."

Arvin said solemnly. His eyes rolled thoughtfully. Mark finally couldn't wait and was about to take action?


In the evening, it was getting dark. Arvin walked into the mansion with an indifferent expression. The smell of life came to his face. Sophie was busy in the kitchen. When she saw Arvin, she greeted him with a smile, "Mr. Xue, you are back! Dinner will be ready soon. Wait a minute. "

Arvin nodded slightly and said, "You may leave now and continue tomorrow." Looking at the tall and strong bodyguards in the mansion, he waved his hand to let them go.

"Yes, sir."

The group of people bowed solemnly to Arvin and then left one after another. Upstairs, Belinda looked at all this coldly, and her eyes were almost burning with anger when she looked at Arvin.

Continue tomorrow? Her anger surged up from the bottom of her heart. Did he really plan to imprison her in the mansion for a lifetime?

Thinking of this, Belinda quickly went downstairs, "Arvin, what do you mean?"

She couldn't help but feel unhappy. "Do you just want to use a few bodyguards to watch me for a lifetime?"

Belinda said angrily. After a day's tolerance, she had no place to vent her anger. At this moment, seeing the initiator of the matter, she could not help but vent all her anger on him.

"At least before you give birth to the baby, it's like this.

nd to wipe the tears on her face.

"You are right? I'm here for the power and position of the Xue family, and for the money that I can't make in my life. When the child is born, our accounts will be set! "

She smiled bitterly, staring at Arvin's back stubbornly and retorted without showing weakness.

"Whatever." Arvin replied casually without looking back.

Clenching her fists tightly, Belinda stared at him with resentment. At this moment, the last expectation and warmth in her heart all disappeared. His cold and domineering decision became the last straw to suppress Belinda's expectations for him.


Sophie sighed and called Belinda softly.

Belinda wiped the tears on her face with all her strength, "Sophie, cook all the delicious food for me! "

Anyway, she had spent his money. It was a cage life at the cost of her freedom. She had to compensate herself.

"Mrs. Xue, are you okay?"

Looking at Belinda's abnormal attitude, Sophie asked with lingering fear, looking at her worriedly.

"I'm fine. I'm just disgusted by someone's words. I need some nutrition!"

Belinda said indignantly, sitting on the sofa in the living room. From now on, she would never have any hope for someone, and all her care was just an illusion.

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