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   Chapter 143 The Disadvantageous Situation

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Arvin looked around her with his deep eyes and asked, "Why are you dressed so formal today? Are you going to date someone? Do you have a boyfriend? "

Arvin smiled faintly and took a sip of the latte on the table. Logically speaking, Ellie was also an adult at a suitable age, but she had been living in the Xue family and had no chance to contact anyone.

Ellie's performance today made Arvin feel that his cousin had grown up.

"What are you talking about?" Being teased by Arvin, Ellie blushed and denied with embarrassment.

"Don't you want me to check on your sweetheart?" Arvin doubted. He couldn't figure out what else she could want from him.

"Ellie, think about it carefully. You have reached the age of marriage. I have been paying attention to work, but I haven't found a suitable boyfriend for you..."

Arvin said solemnly with a guilty look in his eyes.

"Cousin!" Arvin changed the subject. Ellie stopped him harshly, "What boyfriend? I want to stay in the Xue family for a few more years, with Madame Xue and aunt! You don't need to worry about me! "

She said reluctantly.

Arvin frowned at her words, "But marriage is a moment of life, and it's time to talk about it."

He said in a deep voice, full of worry for her.

"If you're old enough, you wouldn't have many choices. You can take your time to find him, although you're not in a hurry..."

Arvin's tone was full of concern for her.

Ellie's face darkened. "Do you also want me to marry a person I don't like at all under the arrangement of Madame Xue like you?" Ellie couldn't help retorting, "So what? Love can't be forced even if you are old. Do you have to find someone you don't like to get married just because you are in the age of marriage, like you and Belinda? "

Ellie stared at him with deep eyes. There was a trace of doubt and reproach in her angry tone. Her

"Mr. Xue, is there anything bothering you?" He asked softly.

"Have you found out the truth? Have you confirmed the identity of the kidnapper? "

Arvin asked in a low voice.

"Yes, they just lived near Mrs. Xue's working place. They just acted on the spur of the moment and took the initiative to admit their crime." Kerr replied in a low voice.

"But what does he mean?" Arvin frowned and was lost in thought. How could he say that he wanted to frame Belinda and the baby in his belly?

He was confused all the time, but he couldn't find any clue.

"Anything else?" Arvin raised his head and found that Kerr was still standing in front of him. He couldn't help raising his eyebrows.

"Mr. Xue, I don't know whether I should say something or not. Recently, the company's situation is not good... "

He thought for a while and said to Arvin slowly. He frowned.

"What do you know?" Arvin asked in a low voice, and his expression suddenly became serious.

"Recently, the company has been in a turbulent situation. All kinds of forces have been secretly colluding with each other, and people's hearts have been shaken. If Mark, the leader of the group, unites them together, I'm afraid it will be unfavorable to your situation."

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