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   Chapter 136 Suspicious Mother-In-Law

The Closer, The Better By Dong Lier Characters: 7126

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She said in an unpleasant and reproachful tone.

Belinda was pregnant, but she didn't know how to take good care of herself and went out to work. It was a shame for the Xue family. Besides, she still had an affair with Mark and met him late at night. Amanda felt extremely uncomfortable with all sorts of thoughts.

"Of course it's true. I just heard that Mark went to the hospital early in the morning without having breakfast. He must have gone to see Belinda."

Ellie exaggerated, trying to suggest to Amanda that the relationship between Belinda and Mark was not that simple.

Amanda's face changed when she heard this. "Is that so?"

She cried out in surprise, "Belinda is so rebellious. How could she do such an unruly thing? It's really a shame for our Xue family!" She said indignantly, and couldn't help but feel aggrieved for Arvin.

"Yes, I think so too. I think they are too close to each other, but I don't dare to tell my cousin. I'm afraid that he will think too much or think that I'm talking nonsense, so I have to tell you in secret." Ellie looked at Amanda cautiously and said timidly, but she couldn't help feeling happy in her heart.

Seeing that Amanda's face was getting worse and worse, she knew that her goal had been achieved!

"As the young hostess of the Xue family, she still has some dirty thoughts. How can such a woman deserve Arvin! I'm so disappointed! " Amanda scolded with a straight face. She had a worse impression of Belinda and was dissatisfied from the bottom of her heart.

"But what can we do? She is pregnant now, and with the support of Madame Xue she has repeatedly told people to take good care of her, and presumably she will not be afraid of us. She will naturally not be restricted by Mark!"

Ellie said helplessly. Her tone was full of concern and unwillingness, and her face was full of grievance.

Amanda raised her eyebrows and said, "There is no such a reason in the world. Mark is so close to her and doesn't know how to avoid it. Does he really have affection for Belinda? Or is the baby in Belinda's belly not Arvin's? "

Amanda said in a panic. Then she w

t even settle down.

"Stop it!" Hearing his mother's words, Arvin's face turned cold and speechless. "Mom, you think too much. Things are not like what you think. The reason why Mark was with Belinda last night was that she was in danger and was attacked by the gangsters. He saved her, so she is now in the hospital." Arvin calmed down and patiently explained to her.

"Arvin, you are too serious. How could it be so coincidental? You have been deceived by the two of them." Amanda hurriedly planned what he said. If such an excuse was spread out, not only she, but even a three year old child might not believe it.

"Mom, that's enough!" Arvin said in a low voice with a dark face. "If you don't have anything else to say, you can go back first. This is the hospital. It's not convenient for you to talk about this here."

He gently pushed Amanda, trying to persuade her to go back.

Seeing that Arvin didn't want to listen to her, Amanda was a little anxious. She held Arvin's hand and said, "I won't go back until things are clear. Arvin, if you don't want to investigate the truth, I will help you ask."

Amanda said unwillingly. Then she broke away from Arvin and rushed to the ward.

"Belinda, tell me the truth. Is there any relationship between you and Mark?" Amanda rushed into the ward and shouted at Belinda who was lying on the bed.

She stared at her, wishing to see through Belinda clearly.

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