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   Chapter 134 is this Your Attitude

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Belinda said in a low voice, but before she could finish her words, Mark interrupted her, "Sure!" After saying that, he handed his phone directly.

Belinda smiled knowingly. Since Sophie and Arvin had no news about her at this time, they must be worried. She dialed the number in a hurry.

When the phone rang in the living room, Arvin suddenly moved and quickly took the phone with his hands, "Hello."

His voice was a little anxious and urgent, and a glimmer of hope appeared in his heart.

Hearing Arvin's voice, Belinda took a breath nervously and swallowed, "Well, it's me." She didn't know why, but when she knew it was Arvin who answered the phone, she felt a little comforted, but at the same time, she didn't know what to say to him.

"Where are you?" Hearing her voice, Arvin felt relieved for a moment and raised his voice suddenly.

Belinda put the phone away a little bit and looked at the phone with a bitter face. She didn't put his ear close to the phone until the voice at the other end of the phone calmed down.

Mark looked at all this indifferently. His feminine eyes were shining and he closed his lips tightly and kept silent.

"I'm in the hospital." Belinda said in a low voice. Then she told him her address and hung up the phone with lingering fear.

"What did he say?" Looking at Belinda's sad face, Mark asked softly.

"He didn't say anything. Maybe he is on the way now..." Belinda said. According to his vigorous action, Arvin was probably on the way.

She was nervous and even a little worried.

"Well, if there is nothing else, you can go back first. Thank you for your help today!" Belinda said with a smile. She was grateful to Mark for saving her life, but she was not happy at the thought that Arvin would come later.

As for the relationship between Arvin and Mark, the two of them must be

you, you always had a lot of reasons and excuses to refute. Are you dumb this time?"

Arvin's deep eyes swept across her quiet face, and his tone was sharp with a bit of displeasure.

This time, he was really angry, and what Belinda had done had completely touched his bottom line.

"Now that you have known it, why do you still ask me? I have nothing to say. It's just what you see." Belinda said in a low voice and accepted all his accusations.

Seeing that she was stubborn, Arvin was even angrier. "Belinda, is this your attitude? You not only hide your work, but also want to lie. Let me ask you, how did you get hurt?"

Arvin asked sternly, glaring at her with sharp eyes. He hoped that Belinda could explain everything to him.

"I have nothing to say to you." With a cold face, Belinda was dissatisfied with his arrogant attitude and decided not to say a word.

"Is this the reason why you went out to work late at night and got yourself injured? Is this the tough attitude you should have as a mother? "

Arvin couldn't help but roar at her.

She didn't know how hard it was for him to wait for her news in the villa, but when she saw him, she looked as if nothing had happened? This made him very angry.

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