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   Chapter 131 in Trouble

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A few days later, Belinda went out early and came back late. She smoothly found a front desk job without salary. However, she only told Ellie about this news. As for Sophie, she only told her that she was going to take a maternity course.

Sophie didn't doubt it at all.

On this day, Belinda finished the whole day's work. It was time to get off work. She packed up her things and was about to leave.

"Belinda, there is a list here, which needs to be notified at the meeting tomorrow. Please help me contact it." Before leaving, a business supervisor of the same company handed her a document.

Belinda raised her eyes and looked at the phone numbers of numerous people on it, feeling a little embarrassed.

After these calls, there must be a delay before she went home.

"What? Is there anything wrong?" Seeing her hesitation, the director asked suspiciously, but his face looked a little unhappy.

"No, just give it to me. I'll inform them." Belinda took it and looked at the clock on the wall. She thought if she quickened her pace, she should be able to return to the villa before Arvin went back.

"Well, I'll leave it to you. This list is very important, and the people above must be called to confirm them one by one." Seeing that she took the documents, the director nodded with satisfaction and repeatedly exhorted Belinda.

"Okay, don't worry. I will inform them in person." Belinda nodded and took the phone.

In the company, more and more people left one after another. Belinda was in a hurry to call to inform them, and she even forgot the time. It was getting dark, and time passed by bit by bit.

After a long time, Belinda looked up at the time on the wall. Damn it! She was so busy that she even forgot to call Sophie to help her explain. She hurriedly put away the documents in her hands, stood up and wanted to leave.

At this time, it was completely dark, and neon lights were on around. Belinda looked at the time, waved her hand to stop a taxi by the roadside and told the location casually.

"Sir, I'm in a hurry. Please hurry up."

y back."

Belinda looked out of the window and said, "We should be there soon. I don't know where we are now."

She whispered.

Mark frowned, "Send me your location." Then he hung up the phone without hesitation.

Belinda hesitated, "Why did you hang up the phone for no reason?" She was a little confused, but she still opened the GPS and sent her location to him.

"Sir, when will we arrive? I'm in a hurry. " Belinda asked the driver, but he didn't answer.

Belinda looked at him and realized something suddenly. When she looked outside carefully again, she was so nervous that her heart almost jumped out of her chest!

This was not the way to the villa at all. There was not even a single person around. She knew that she was kidnapped!

"Wait, I want to get off the car!" Belinda tried to calm down and said calmly.

"Ahead is the place you said." The driver replied without hesitation.

Belinda was so nervous that the palms of her hands were sweating. "I have to go to the bathroom. I can't wait!" She said loudly, her hands quietly stretched toward the door handle, ready to jump out of the car at any time.

"Well, you are just a trouble." Hearing her words, the driver suddenly stopped the car, then got out of the car and walked towards her.

Belinda seized the opportunity and pushed the door towards him. She jumped out of the car and ran forward.

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