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   Chapter 127 He Have Never Liked Anyone

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Updated: 2020-05-10 16:16

After walking across a long and narrow path and a spacious corridor, Lily stood in the luxurious hall.

From a distance, seeing Belinda leisurely sitting on the sofa, she starred at her with malicious eyes.

Realizing the sound behind her, Belinda turned her head slowly and saw the envious look in Lily's eyes.

"Why are you here?" Belinda asked in surprise. Rolling her clear eyes, she felt relieved soon. As one of the closest female friends to her husband, it was not strange for her to know that she was pregnant.

"Why can't I be here?" In her high heels, Lily walked to her angrily and sat down, looking at her viciously.

"Or do you feel guilty and don't want me to know that you are pregnant?" Lily asked aggressively, glancing at Belinda's belly with disdain.

The two women's words alerted Sophie, "Mrs. Xue..." She looked at Lily vigilantly. It didn't look like a friendly person, so she couldn't help but be careful.

"You can leave now. It's okay here." Belinda knew what she was worried about, so she waved her hand to let her go. She didn't need to be on her guard against Lily. Although she was physically inconvenient, it was enough to deal with her.

"Well, if you need anything, just call me. I'm right behind you." Sophie glanced at Lily vigilantly and turned to the back hall.

"That's why you came here? Or you want to blame me? If so, I think there is no need for us to continue our conversation. " Belinda looked at her jealous eyes and said calmly.

"As a woman, I advise you to leave Arvin. He doesn't love you at all. You're just the pastime for his loneliness. Besides, don't you know your position in Arvin's heart and the Xue Family?"

Lily said in a sharp tone, staring at Belinda angrily. Every word she said was trying to separate the two people.

"If he really loves you, he won't meet me so frequently. I'm the one in his heart. As for you... You are not stupid. You should

orpse and two lives! Otherwise, you'd better put down the knife in your hand! "

Belinda asked coldly. The warmth in her clear eyes gradually dispersed, and then turned into indifference.

Lily trembled with fear. She clenched the knife and gritted her teeth, "Belinda, do you know how much I hate you! Yes, I hate you! I hate you for taking Arvin away from me all of a sudden. You know he doesn't like you, but you still stay with him shamelessly. You know he likes me, but you have a child now! "

Lily couldn't help trembling with excitement, and her voice was full of hatred.

"I don't understand! Why are you so shameless? You know clearly that he likes me, but you still stay with him by all means! " Lily choked with sobs and almost roared.

Looking at her hysterical accusation and curse, Belinda frowned tightly. "It seems that you still don't know him well. You actually don't know what he is thinking..."

Belinda said in a deep voice. How much she wanted to leave the Xue Family, but she was restrained. She didn't want to stay here at all. Lily knew nothing about all this and the baby in her belly.

Belinda was surprised, but she sighed deeply. Maybe the man beside them was a heartless person!

From beginning to end, he had never loved anyone seriously!

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